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Today’s Word is… BOWL

So last year I did 47 observations from Superbowl 47, now its SB 48 so I’m upping the ante to 48.  As you know this years fame wasn’t nearly as interesting so bear with me


48. Joe Namath would my hero if he played for anyone except the Jets
47. Even racists love Queen Latifah
46. FOX wanted to catch Know sh on crying so bad
45. Peyton tried to catch that first snap then he remembered white men can’t jump
44. Bruno Mars probably text Russell Wilson like “one of us is going to have to change”


43. Pam Oliver’s hair was shade proof
42. Wait it’s the internet, everything is shadeable
41. These commercials stink
40. Peyton Manning already looks defeated
39. Are people going to admit Bruno Mars halftime > Beysus
38. #KanyeforHalftimeShow
37. This game is getting ugly, where’s Bane at
36. Russell just going to have to take the Trent Dilfer title for now the defense deserves MVP
35. Amazing Spider-Man looks well, amazing
34. Mark Wahlburg’s agent could probably lower the unemployment rate , Marky Mark stays working
33. These commercials still stink
32. The Cheerios one was cute but I haven’t laughed yet
31. Fuck Eli Manning
30. JC Penney getting more buzz off fake drunk tweets than these $4 million ads…genius
29. Kia just ruined Morpheus for me
28. Okay I’m lying he’s been dead to me since Matrix 3
27. Oh now Wes Welker wanna catch
26. Denver celebrating not getting blown out, greatest offense ever huh
25. Richard Sherman and Obama in the White House should be interesting
24. This game is boring I have a few more thoughts on halftime
23. RHCP would’ve been better as a surprise guest, knowing they were coming kinda ruined it
22. Bruno’s band doesn’t get nearly as much shine as they should I don’t like ballad singing Bruno
21. I can’t believe the Patriots lost to this team
20. Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll left USC to rot and got rings…what’s karma
19. 47 thoughts was easier last year…this game and ads stinks
18. Tom Brady > Peyton Manning
17. I still scored more in Flappy Bird than Broncos scored in the Superbowl
16. Defense wins championships and the NFC are loaded with them, they might make a run as a conference
15. 8 points I’m dying
14. I really didn’t think Brooklyn Nine Nine would be good now it follows the Superbowl
13. New Girl too….guess Fox is over the cartoon thing
12. I’m clearly killing bullet points til this game ends
11. Football is really gone til August tho
10. Guess I should really start paying attention to the NBA and college hoops
9. I just want to see the Heat lose to the Thunder or Warriors
8. My Celtics depress me
7. For its bad rep Compton produced Dr Dre, Venus and Serena, Kendrick Lamar and Richard Sherman
6. I really don’t remember any commercial even Doritos let me down
5. Superbowl commercials were better when we didn’t talk about them
4. That sounded a little hipstery
3. Seattle Seahawks are world champs
2. If the Thunder stayed in Seattle they could potentially have a title town
1. Boston is titletown

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Today’s Word is… SUPER

Seriously why isn’t the day after Superbowl a holiday?  I’ll take Super Monday and give back Columbus Day, all he did was enslave a nation by accident.  How about we just move President’s Day up, kids don’t need a February break, pray for snow days.  Hell I live in Boston where we managed to make St. Patrick’s Day a holiday and we get a three day weekend in June for reasons no one quite understands, I’m sure we can pull this off. (Okay I do know the significance of Bunker Hill Day but still doesn’t mean the holiday isn’t bull, they can trade that with Juneteenth which is my birthday so i take it off anyway).  Okay I’m rambling.  So the Baltimore Ravens are the Superbowl champions, congrats to Ravens fans, players, David Simon and the cast of the Wire.   As you know I’m a diehard Patriots fan so I don’t care, though I found myself rooting for the 49ers, as my football allegiances go:

Pats > team with brother under center > team with brother as coach #noharbaugh > 10+ pt underdogs > Anyone against the Chargers or Jets

I like Colin Kaepernick, he’s fearless but not in a Tony Romo/Michael Vick doing too way too much way.  It’d be cool to see them back, where they’ll lose to the Patriots…I hope.

Anyway, the day after the Superbowl is the most unproductive workday besides the opening of March Madness. Why? Because everyone will be talking all about the game, Beyonce, blackouts and retirements oh my?  So with that I leave my final 47 observations (yes 47) about Superbowl 47

47. If the “Harbaugh Bowl” is any indication, I do NOT want Peyton vs Eli.

46. Jacoby Jones or the blackout should’ve been MVP

No. 45

45. Ed Reed looks like Django, think I’ma call him Edjango Reed until he grooms himself

44.Edjango Reed wore a yoga sweatband and dared anyone to say something to him

43. If the Chargers stop the Ravens on a 4th and 29, they dont even make the playoffs

42. I hate the Chargers so much, when they inevitably move to LA i think i’ll hate them more

41. Jacoby Jones been practicing endzone dances for 2 weeks

No. 40

40. Joe Flacco looks like a whiter Drake

39. Drake’s new song is terrible, just thought I throw that in

38. If Destiny’s Child replaced Michelle with Latoya from the original group I’d pay to see them on tour

37.  GoDaddy’s commercial was disgusting

36. I truly hope it snows in NY/NJ for next year’s Superbowl

35. Wish adverstisers and TV shows would stop putting hashtags, we make our own trends

34. The NFL got power to the New Orleans faster than FEMA did

33. Rich people trapped in the Superdome while the middle class watches from home….fitting.

32. Kelly Rowland’s thighs shine bright like a diamond

No. 31

31. I’d go cornball brother for Kat Dennings

30. My new e-crush is a Niners fan maybe I should check on her

29. I’m completely over Jennifer Hudson

28. Thank God this was the first football game I could watch without seeing an ad for “Identity Thief”

27. Oh yeah she’s on Mike and Molly

26. Bridesmaids wasn’t that funny

25. So is The Rock a face or heel in Fast 6?

No. 24

24. The Rock has 3 movies coming out and still the WWE Champion, he’s putting on for the kinda blacks

23. Speaking of kinda blacks, Colin Kaepernick has great resiliency

22. For this to be the “Ray Lewis Superbowl” I didn’t see him do a thing ON the field

21. Anquan Boldin is a man amongst boys

20. Randy Moss is a man amongst boys, but Jim Harbaugh doesn’t think so

19. Whatever happened with that Michael Crabtree sexual assault case

18. Beyonce’s dutty wining brought me all the way back to 2006….good times

17. Jay is going to use Bey shutting down the Super Bowl in a verse

16.  4 million an ad, and there wasn’t anything advertised I would actually buy, maybe the new Budweiser

15. If the Patriots were playing Twitter would be blaming Belichick for the blackout

14. Why pick up Randy Moss if you’re not going to throw to him in end zone situations, its like Tebow all over again

13.  RGIII took his buzz, Ray Lewis took his faith, Tebowmania is really dead

12. How epic does Iron Man 3 look

11. Given the awfulness of Spiderman 3 & X-Men 3, I’ll curb my enthusiasm…slightly

No. 10

10. Kanye West or Jay for next years Halftime Show

9. There were 2-3 songs where Bey completely lost me, I really dont pay enough attention to her musically

8. Superbowl tweets > Superbowl Ads

7. Flacco is going to get paid and regress worse than Drew Brees did

No. 6

6. Me and Ray Rice have a similar build, i need to google his workout regimen

5.  Alicia Keys couldn’t hit that note on Brave but played it off nicely

4. That was horrible play calling by Harbaugh (the red one) at the end…he was Andy Reid-esque

3. I can’t wait to see how NFL Films covers the blackout…RIP Steve Sabol

2. The Sandy Hook chorus…wow.

1. Football is really gone til August *cries Ray Lewis tears*

Football gone…

And with that I close the book on another NFL season, but seriously what the hell am I supposed to do on Sundays?  I really think its time for a girlfriend.



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