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Today’s Word is… ENTITLED

I always abhorred the idea of “men are dogs”. Men are trash… Well, we’ll get to that one another day. The idea of a man being a dog though, I always found to be simplistic. It’s the logic of the Steve Harveyisms of the world, a man don’t know no better he must be taught like a dog, good deed for treat. Give him too many treats and he becomes spoiled and now doesn’t know how to act. Don’t give him treats at all, he’ll leave. Either way whatever this grown ass adult does will be your fault. Plenty of men also accepted this logic as fact and so they are raised that the only incentive to court, listen or even just respect women is for a “treat”. Primary incentive to being successful, is for a “treat”. It’s why President H.W. Bush is well into his 90s and doesn’t see why groping women and calling himself David Cop-a-feel is wrong. It’s why President Dotard thinks it’s okay to grab them by the pussy. It’s why President Underwood feels empowered to sexually assault staff on set. (and teenage boys) It’s why President Clinton… (let’s be real here you KNOW a story is coming). They aren’t able to process being told no because they’ve excelled at their craft, received power and influence and therefore are entitled to treats. Woof.

What I find most baffling is like, I know better. I always knew better. And I’m not special. I didn’t need to take a feminism course in college, have a daughter or get dragged by the internet 18 times in my 30s to know better. I just know right and wrong and respect people. Sadly, that’s not as common as I thought it was. Even if I hit for a lick I can’t see how I would ever be so comfortable just whipping it out and masterbating in front of strangers or groping my Twitter followers at a day party.

It’s a new day, now. Even as society (slowly) progresses and proceeds to get all of these creepy dudes up out the paint (except the Dolt45 apparently)…I find myself wondering aloud:

Men don’t know how to process a “reward” from a woman that isn’t sexual.

It’s why so many struggle with the idea of a platonic female friend. They lament the idea of a friend zone because it flies in the face of the logic they were raised on. I’m… Nice to you and you don’t…want to see my dick?404 Error. It’s why so many men struggle with holding a conversation with a woman without flirting. (okay I do this but really it’s because there don’t be shit else to talk about) “What do you bring to the table besides sex” is a common quip but most won’t even notice the new plate setting. The women in their life nurture or fuck them or a mix of them both.

It also speaks to modern dating and being unwilling to put forth any effort to anything that isn’t going to be worth while. It’s something I found myself struggling with at one point…I show interest by courting, she showed interest by affection. After a few dates if there wasn’t any of the sort, I took the curve and went home. Then over time, I met the girl who just wanted sex and company, the girl who “wouldn’t be here if she didn’t like me”, the girl who loved me but didn’t want to be with me. Like…. None of this was in the manual. I was told by apple care that sex was the closer. But it isn’t. For some it might be, others you just caught her on a good night. It would be like if women were individuals who you should treat as such and not just assume they all kick it the same way. Otherwise, you go decades thinking your David Cop-a-feel joke still kills because it worked one time 30 years ago. But maybe, that’s too much like right.



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Today’s Word is… NETFLIX


I found myself tickled by the fact people are writing about “Netflix and chill” as if it’s a new phenomenon.  (let’s just ignore the fact that I’m literally writing about it).   Whether it was the old Love and Basketball VHS, or that pirated Shottas DVD that seemed to just appear in every black undergraduate dorm, there was always the come over and watch a movie non date date that one would pull when they was trying to hook up but wanted to be a little tactful about it.   Seeing as VHS tapes (yes I’m old enough to remember them) and DVDs are all but gone, Netflix has become the norm but the game is all the same.   There’s even songs about it.   Netflix should just have a “Chill” section with all the old school black romance movies,  but they ain’t real.  (If this happens just remember it was my idea and someone owe me a check).  Not that the movie necessarily mattered because if you turn on a movie and go from credits to credits, typically something went horribly wrong.  Or the movie was just too good.  Sorry _______. 


I did however see this broken down from two different perspectives than the tongue in cheek nature of which I did.  The first being,  of course the age old why doesnt this generation date?  I can’t say I agree with it because speaking for myself, the perk of dating is getting out the house.    I also think that chilling is more intimate than dating.  I can go out to eat with someone and get to know them better,  sitting up in my house or me being in theirs?  Idk you like that, beloved. Netflix & chill is cool when we’ve been kicking it a while and we’re just enjoying a show together on a rainy day even though I already watched ahead so I’m sitting here rewatching episodes like they’re new.  Sorry ________.   (Different _______, I’ve run out of nicknames). 

The other perspective was much more deep.  Perhaps this was just privilege and naivete but it was something I never thought about explicitly.  That “Netflix & Chill” was just another addition to a growing and troubling rape culture of assumptions and aversions to consent.  The thought process that goes “She knew she wasn’t coming over to see a movie” is only a few degrees of separation from “what was she wearing” “she provoked him” two issues I’ve been vehemently opposed on this very blog.   I guess I found myself stunned as I try to explain the difference and how much sense I thought I was making yet how wrong I sounded.   My case being that “Netflix & Chill” was more of a euphemism than deception.   If I invite a woman over to watch a movie, it’s because it sounds nicer than “you coming to get this work”.   I don’t think that’s harmful, I feel like there’s a level of nuance that can be applied, instead it’s struck down as mansplaining.  What’s good Miley?  Cuz me no know. 

What I do know that changing culture comes with changing minds,  so maybe I’m just wrong on this one.   I don’t believe so but it’s not a sword I’m prepared to fall on.   As I said before,  I’m not with just any ol girl in my home so maybe it’s something that doesn’t apply to me anyway.   If we’re at “Netflix & Chill” level, we should both understand what we’re both about at that moment as well as be comfortable if maybe the mood changes midway and you end up just watching a movie and dozing off for a few.  Sorry ________.


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