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Today’s Word is… RACIST

So I noticed internet is presently abuzz with music video from Joyner Lucas. I was already a little familiar with him, he’s a local rapper who notably likes to do songs where he raps from different perspectives. So I wasn’t surprised to see his latest video, I’m not racist, was more of the same this time its an average white man and a young black teen air their grievances on race relations. The internet is largely impressed. It’s so powerful, real and whatever. At first watch, I didn’t like it. And on second. And third. Meanwhile, I’m seeing it blow up and while I’m all for the home team shining I watched it a fourth time to really try and see if I was the one who was missing something…

I wasn’t. It’s just fucking dumb.

There isn’t a gotta hear both sides to racism. My livelihood can not be chalked up to a difference of opinion. White people want white supremacy, it benefits them. Protects them. Shields them from their own mediocrity. Lucas’ representation of a white man isn’t racist he just wants us to get a job, pull our pants up and raise our kids. No, that’s Bill Cosby. (and maybe Lucas himself). If white people actually cared about sagging pants and welfare, they wouldn’t overwhelmingly support hip hop and you know, be on welfare. The average white man isn’t racist; he’s just apathetic. He doesn’t see the big deal with blackface, he doesn’t get why he can’t say it if he’s a Kanye fan. He just wants to watch football without being reminded that black people are being killed disproportionately by the police. We had a black president he thought racism was over already jeez louise. He wasn’t offended by Eminem’s freestyle, he knows Trump is trash. That’s why he doesn’t tell people he voted for him and wishes people would just accept the result and move on. He hasn’t given any thought as to why he felt he had to vote against his own income level and health care…Because why would he? To him equality feels like oppression and his greatest fear is that a minority rises up and treats him like they treat us.

I thought maybe I was being unfair. So I read an interview about it:

“It was an average white man speaking his mind on how he actually feels about black people,” Lucas said, “and it was an average black guy talking about his interactions with white people. These are suppressed feelings that both parties have but are afraid to express.”

So white people just want us to act right and they’ll stop hating us. They just can’t say it. K. And it’s not even shade at Lucas, I think the problem with discussing race is that there’s a level of deference that is always paid to white people first, so much so that it then neuters any point you try to make after. Like when LL Cool J did “Accidental Racist” (same failed concept as this but at least this one slaps), don’t judge my du rag I won’t judge your Confederate flag. Nigga why are you acting like a headwrap is just as offensive as a flag that represents treason and hatred? Because that’s just the cost of discussing race in America. I say something bad about us first, and then I’m allowed to critique. Not too harshly tho. And I mean, I get it. I got bills, I’m not gonna get on here or Twitter and say some shit that would jeopardize my well being. (Or life, because that’s also a consequence).

Racial tensions in this country are thicker than Rihanna and I don’t got the answers, Sway. I do know that talking them out isn’t a solution. Especially, like this. You. Have. No. Reason. To. Hate. A. Stranger. Period. (said with claps. On beat). And no amount of stereotypes will ever give you enough ammo to. Cut the shit. Cool song, tho.



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I’ll be brief…..maybe.


How do you earn respect?  Trick question.  You don’t have to earn respect.  Well you shouldn’t, and you should be leery of anyone who implies you do.  So anyway, the pictured tweet came across my timeline and it sparked debate about respect for women.  I police my timeline well so most of my followers were on the correct side of the debate while the legion of buckfoys and the women who let them use their cars were on another.  I considered engaging, but then I realized that I have no time for such tomfoolery and besides I’ve spoken on said topic before; even here.  What sparked this post that I didn’t feel like tweeting out was just my issue with “respectability” period, whether its a woman stripping her way through school, Kim Kardashian doing a nude shoot, a stranger setting her cakes out for the Gram.  It sounds much like famous black celebrity saying pull your pants up, don’t watch Love and Hip Hop, stop making babies out of wedlock, and give them proper names.  Even if there’s a kernel of truth to that these aren’t the greatest things to do, the jig becomes boreal because of one simple, poignant point….



To quote Drake, muhfuggas never loved us.  And muhfuggas never loved these women. When you’re picking and choosing which “type” of woman warrants your respect while casting aspersions on the rest, you’re doing the same oppressive bullshit that has existed for centuries.  I wonder if the dude who tried to “expose” her bothered to find a respectable woman to praise; I doubt it.  In the same vein that there’s plenty of positive black television characters enough that I don’t want to hear shit about how Peter Gunz is setting us back.

Its pure vainglory to see strangers sit around and talk about how one must earn their respect. Who is you?  Its even worse to see women bend over backwards to show these strangers look how classy and low maintenance I am I’m not like those thots, or to see successful black men put on a Mountie hat and talk about how they are new black, or to see even see a black person who likes wine, Radiohead and reading for enjoyment carry on as if theyre somehow special or different.  For who, for what?

So moral of this rant, cut the bullshit.  There isn’t a rhyme or reason to your ignorance, misogyny or racism.  You’re just a fucked up person with a fucked up view of others and what makes it worse is that you think its on the other person to change to accommodate you.  Miss me with all that. Fin.


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Today’s Word is… INNOCENCE


I am #MikeBrown

It was about 8-9 years ago.  I’m at the local pizza shop grabbing some food, next thing you know I’m getting rock bottomed.  I should’ve just had called for delivery. I’m immediate turned on my stomach and trying to get a glance at my assailant, I see two shiny shoes and an navy pants, it’s the good ol Boston Police.  I’m searched frantically by one as the other watches with his gun aimed directly at my royal blue du-rag, they grab my wallet and let me up and escort me out as the staff and other patrons wonder what the hell just happened here.  I’m stare at the two men, trying to discreetly read their badge numbers in case I got a broken rib of something.  Apparently I fit the description of someone who was reported carrying a gun,  they run my name, nothing.  A girl from the neighborhood passes by and says “oooh Tristan what did you you do” “Being black on a Thursday” I responded. Technically I was right, I wouldn’t fit a description if I was white, but I digress.  The first cop, a mid to late 30s white guy chuckles and shakes his head, the other a taller heavy set black guy wasn’t amused.  Thinking about it now I can see why he was offended, perhaps he didn’t like his blackness being questioned *shrug*.  Perhaps in one of the earlier forms of YOLOing, I became somewhat smart with the officers, my side hurt, I was hungry, and I was a straight A student at one of the best high schools in the city, I only dressed otherwise.  I knew I didn’t do anything wrong so why worry…

That was me. Two years ago.  Even in my early twenties, in spite of being routinely stopped and frisked on my own porch, even after being charged with a felony with no credence just because they could, (intimidation of a witness, it took thousands of dollars and months of going to court for them to realize, the “witness” wasnt showing up was because this “witness” didnt exist, charges ultimately dropped.  I was bailed after a weekend, other friends lost months of their lives for no reason). Even after I got the talks, “dont roll in packs”, “carry and articulate yourself well”, “never give them an excuse”, two years ago, I still didn’t want to believe. 

Then Trayvon happened.

Then Mike Brown happened.


And countless others.  The former two that much more profound because whats more heartbreaking than the loss of young black life is society’s rationalizing of it.  That all it takes is smoking pot, or a menacing photo for masses of people to feel comfortable with your murder. 10 years ago, I thought that my honor roll grades, and respectability was enough. Two years ago, I knew better but I didn’t want to accept it.  Now, I see the light as it coruscates across the country and across the world.

  I’ll never be good enough for them.

My stocky frame, my melanin, strikes fear whether my du rag is in a knot or my Armani tie is in a windsor. I could’ve died that evening a decade ago and my fellow Americans would say “good”.  My parents would to turn on the TV or computer and see outsiders discuss how the world is better without their baby boy.  Maybe the officer would be arrested, maybe they’d be a trial, not for him but for me….in my 16 years had a lived a life worthy that one ought to be punished for ending it prematurely?  At 26, I’m still one bullet away from being a hashtag being on trial for my own murder. That’s terrifying.  I or anyone I love can be the next Mike Brown, the next Ezell Ford, the next Sean Bell and all I can do is try to be a good old boy and  pray.  Not I didn’t know this before, but as I’m watching “respected” officers tell lies, the media amplifying said lies all because the masses would rather a trigger happy white cop play judge, jury and executioner than cross paths with Mike Brown on the street, you see why whats going down in Ferguson is much bigger than Michael Brown.  You see why Twitter has been on fire the past week and a half.   This can’t be life, the game is rigged, people are done standing idly by while police and media figuratively “sprinkle a little crack on him” Dave Chapelle(c).  Yet and still, some people, even black people, don’t get it…..actually I feel like I need a fresh post to vent on that……To be Continued



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Today’s Word is… PRIVILEGE


So I stumbled across an interesting post on ThoughtCatalog.  For those who didn’t just up and leave me and go read that post (I mean that’s kinda rude I say one sentence and you just exit stage right…), the post was from a 20 something white woman who struggles to identify with her privilege.  She talks about reverse racism, insensitivity to her sensitivity, and gives a unique perspective as a heel in a world evolving of more and more diverse faces.  (Wrestling reference FTW).  Are these inconveniences some kind of retribution for something she had nothing to do with? Is she supposed to harbor guilt because she was born without melanin?  Can a white person have a plight?  She ain’t got the answers Sway, hell Stan doesn’t either.  The comments were full of bitter resentment for POC, some told their own story of reverse racism, growing up around black people and being picked on for being the white guy on the block, or maybe they just watched 8 mile.

She did come off as whiny publishing a blog to hundreds of thousands of people to vent about jokes and not being able to just be a victim sometimes.  I’d let Amy Schumer roast me for 3 hours if it meant I didn’t have to be stopped by police randomly and have my name ran.  Not amused by “Becky” jokes, Shantae just got her resume skipped over because her name is Shantae.  I’d gladly trade places, (well no I wouldn’t I don’t think I’d make an attractive white man, I’d probably look like Fred Durst.).

Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh, lets take it down a few notches….

I will say that we all have some sort of privilege in some form or fashion.  I’ll never truly understand how a woman feels when she sees a bunch of “b itches ain’t sh t” tweets.  I can empathize as a human, as a compassionate person but I’ll never quite…get it.  I’m thought back to discussions I’d have with M, she’d point out when I’d say a joke like “what’s white people’s obsession with salted caramel all of a sudden” and while I might roll my eyes initially I can take a step back and realize, yeah had she made a watermelon joke I’d have some words.  Where the author lost me was the idea that she was a victim of her own privilege, perhaps she’s a few years too young to understand the real moral of the story, know when to sit one out.

Essentially that’s what “privilege” boils down to; you don’t get it so shut the fuggup.  The man with 3 jobs trying to make ends meet don’t want to hear about some damn pick yourself up by your bootstraps, black women are playing tiny violins for the white women feel some type of way about “black love”, a woman concerned about her personal safety gives no fux what I feel about street harassment.  The author said she couldn’t have opinions because she was white, and she was half right, she can’t have an opinion on racism because she has no idea what racism really feels like.  And trust, she’s mighty blessed not to.


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