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Today’s Word is… JORDANS

I haven’t owned a pair of Jordans since the 90s. As I said the other day, I wasn’t even that big of a fan. And I learned pretty early that I could cop 2 pairs of sneakers for the price of one pair of J’s. These shoes were gonna have to last the year and I had to game the system. Now, I’m about to get a pair. Maybe 3. Not because I’ve suddenly become a Jordan fan (it’s still fuck him for the most part) but because fuck respectability economics. The Air Jordan sneaker has become a symbol of black economic waste; never mind systemic racism, black people can’t get ahead but got them J’s tho. This anti black pathology has trickled down amongst our own, particularly the blavity blacks, who love praising the Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerbergs for being rich but not indulging in material things (those “generic” tees and hoodies retail for $900 hemmed with the hair of mermaids, so shut up) meanwhile hood blacks can’t get it together because they are too busy trying to look wealthy than be it. It gives false credence to the idea that only ignorant black people allow themselves to be suckered into capitalism like Susan and Spencer ain’t about to be camping outside Best Buy next month for a Vizio. Maybe we just want a pair of Jordans, because we work hard and want something for ourselves. You’re not the talented tenth because you wear Sketchers. (never trust a black man in Sketchers). Then last week, Amanda Seales of woke phi woke inc, the MTV VJ (and self proclaimed sneakerhead) turned 5th billed actress on Insecure added fuel to the flames recently by getting on Twitter and ranting about how having Jordans and Nike suits but not having a passport means you’re losing in life.

Now, I have a passport. Perhaps the wrong one because mine didn’t come with plane tickets, hotel deals, at least bout 7 personal days, food or drinks. Nope, my passport is just a regular ID booklet with an awkward picture because after the first 2 didn’t come out right I’m self conscious so I just took what was given. Yes, it is access. Yes, it’s something good to have. No, it doesn’t make you more worldly more cultured or somehow superior to your Jordan donning peers. Blavity Blacks and the likes love to move the goalposts in that way, just far enough that they can reach it and then establish it as the standard. But the goalposts can be moved on them just as easily, “you’re flying to another country, making some hotel owner richer, barely leave the resort and now think you’ve seen the world”,”you visited, but did you study abroad tho”, “you flew 12 hours and not first class…you’re losing”. It’s tacky and ridiculous and wish it would stop. Everyone doesn’t aspire to travel just as everyone can’t be an entrepreneur selling witty t shirts and body butters (see, now I’m doing it… Hurt people hurt people). Let people live.

We can all probably prioritize better. I’m not standing in line for Jordans (I do really hate the optics of that) but I’ve certainly opened my Mint app on a Monday morning and got a “oh no baby what is you doing?”. I’ve taken out $200 at the ATM only to look in my wallet the next day as and see a 20, 8 ones and bout 6 dollars in change. In that regard, a pair of Jordans actually is a better expense than one night of overpriced overwatered drinks. That money could’ve been better utilized like Bruce Wayne could use his money and influence to fix Gotham instead of running around beating up the mentally disabled, yet here we are.

It’s…. cute to think the very real income gap can be solved by buying cheaper sneakers but it isn’t. The problem is capitalism has to have winners and losers to work, the problem is after the great depression white families were given homes and black families were put in housing, the problem is I make 30% less than a white counterpart while having the same expenses. But that doesn’t matter, cuz I got some J’s tho (I didn’t actually get them, Jordans are ugly. Fight me.)



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Today’s Word is… TWENTY


Andrew Jackson wasn’t shit.   He slaughtered people,  he won his elections by rounding up uneducated southern voters, he amassed his wealth primarily through slavery.   Hell,  he abhorred the idea of paper money (dollars ain’t paper, they’re cotton) yet and still Old Hickory is on the 20.  (Yes I’m kind of a history dork…Oh yeah hi International readers who have no idea what I’m talking about, my favorite readers in Zambia,  a couple Canadians, UK… ) Recently,  people (or maybe this is just a reddit thread that’s gone viral,  also I don’t really know what reddit is) have pushed to get Jackson up out of here and the new face of the 20 be someone revered and isn’t an old white man.   Harriet Tubman,  former slave turned abolitionist, civil rights activist as well as a nurse and spy during the Civil War became the popular choice to replace Jackson.   While I support this move,  I’m also torn; Jackson wasn’t shit but to be fair neither is a $20 bill.   9/10 times I specifically used a $20 it probably went to something unnecessary and you can’t quite do that with a Tubman twenty.   How you gonna make it rain Tubmans in the strip club and not feel guilty?  Perchance, I don’t need that level of accountability and I need to stick to bad 20s.  So assuming this rumor is true and the switch is made, they’ll officially be Good and Bad 20s in circulation and one should spend accordingly.

Looking back on some of the bad spending decisions I’ve made,  I can’t help but think what would happen differently if I had Harriet Tubman judging me….Like let’s say hypothetically I had company over and they overstayed their welcome but it’s like 2am and maybe I just gave $20 for a cab so they can go on about their business.   I feel like you can’t do that with a good 20.  Good $20s should go to something a bit more worthwhile like…

-Buy that gross ass Boy Scouts popcorn,  why can’t they get some cookies no one wants that shit

– Get a fresh cut…. In 2013.  I paid $30 for my last haircut.  I’m growing dreads (no I’m not)

– Buy some clippers

– Get Ciara’s album,  she needs a win

– Map a domain name for your blog (oh yeah, that happened)

– Buy a nice tie (I spend way too much on ties and like,  they aren’t even clothes it’s a strip of fabric you wear around your neck, but I’m fly tho)

– Go to a thrift shop and buy random shit

– Go to a Dollar Store and buy random shit (I think I’ve said shit a lot already)

– Get her some Just Because flowers,  nice enough for her to instagram not too nice she wanna know what you did

– Buy a book,  reading is fundamental

– Get your car detailed, there’s like 2 year old fries back there

– Hook up a panhandler, maybe they too would feel bad about wasting a Tubman

– Take your favorite jacket to the cleaners

– Get a charger for your phone cuz your old one has like 3 shorts in it and you gotta hold it at a 45 degree angle to work

– Support a black owned business

Jacksons however, can and will continue to go to the ratchet goods as intentioned.   Hell, good 20s in circulation should make Jacksons even more ratchet; buy some weed, a bottle of Everclear, pay for a month of Tidal (Okay don’t do that).   And so I implore you to look back on the last time you spent a $20 bill and tell me that it wasn’t something ratchet or unnecessary.  Why?  Because Jackson ain’t shit. 


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Today’s Word is… SELFISH

*Editors Note: Since November is National Blog Posting Month i will attempt to right 30 posts in 30 days…as you know most of my posts are lengthier and i let it marinate for a day or two to let all my readers check it out so be sure to check daily as i will be posting fast and furiously this month…NaBloPoMo? challenge accepted*

I was the kid that hated sharing toys, I’m the man that never tells anyone where I got a shirt or hat from. Some would call me selfish, I wouldn’t. I simply look at things with an extreme amount of logic; there’s plenty of alternatives, so why do you want mine? I’m on the other hand a very generous person, I give all the money and time I can spare, but with other things not so much. Some things I hate to share but at what point does logic become selfishness? Is it ever okay to be even a little selfish?

Not long after my parents divorced my brother went to live with my father and at 9 years old, i learned the joy of having my own spot.  At 22 I took it a step further, my own apartment.  No parents, no RAs, no roommates, it was my fortress of solitude.  Until….i let my girlfriend move in, which im convinced killed us.  She saw the selfish (logical) side of me; it was cute when she would wear my shirts before but now you have a closet full of clothes, why touch my stuff?  I always gave her money before but now I’m putting a roof over her head and then some, where is your money going?  I bought plenty of food, why do you have to eat my green grapes?  She saw it as being selfish I saw it as being logical.

dont take me bro

In regards to dating, we all want our cake and eat it too, I mean isnt that the point of having cake?  While I’m not particularly ready for a relationship, I hate the idea of someone I care about being with someone else.  It’s selfish thinking but there’s nothing I can do, charge it to the game I suppose.  In this regard there’s no explainable logic; it’s no way to ask a woman to stay put while you figure out what you want to do.  At best you can do you and hope she’s there when you’re ready (i’m 0/3 so far), or simply be upset at something you are doing to yourself. I’ll admit selfishness here.

As far as money goes, I’m trying to be more selfish.  The logic as why not to is there but for some reason some people I can’t say no to.  In reality, its more for me than them, I like helping people, I like being the alpha.  I’ve given out my last $20 but they don’t know it was my last twenty.  My father, the richest broke man I know, he’s mastered the selfish logic, he’ll never say he doesnt have or can’t but he will break it down as to why you don’t deserve it.  Ask him for gas money with new J’s on, he’ll go all the way in.  I learned to stop asking him for things a long time ago and I’m a better person for it, or not and he’s just cheap.

Cheap dads. At least they’re not deadbeats

Way too much of my spare time is spent doing stuff I don’t want to do.  Yet someone always complaining I’m not making enough time for them.  I got to help a friend move later, I don’t want to. I hate moving, when I move I just might hire movers, its aggy.  I’m also designing a flyer for another, chilling with another and looking over some documents for a relative.  I’m probably not the first one that was asked, I wonder what everyone else’s excuse was.  It’s hard to logically think of a reason not to, at best I’ll be home bored anyway but maybe that’s just what I rather be doing.

I’m selfish and admittedly so. Selfish is defined as “concerned with ones own interests”, it’s given a negative connotation but who isn’t out for their own interests.  I got my own place to please me, bought green grapes to please me, i date to please me. However, I also help others to please me; to not do so would be called “selfish” but since it pleases me would doing so also be….selfish?  People use logic to validate selfishness as if being selfish is such a bad thing.  Some people just don’t see the whole picture so you have to break it down logically sometimes.  “She” didn’t understand that I don’t share grapes, “Ms.” didn’t understand why I’ll never be 100% comfortable of her being with someone else, I never understood why my father just wouldn’t give me the money, Readers don’t understand why I don’t just say no to people.  Selfish is the lesson, logic are the notes.



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Today’s Word is… BORROW

I have a mild case of writers block so i resorted to a word generator…it’s the perfect resource considering the concept of the blog *shrug*


A few weeks ago I met a girl, not relevant enough to assign a nickname as this will likely be her only appearance.  So we hit it off initially, had quite a few things in common but not too much.  We went out on a date, a poetry slam she suggested.  While I’m not a big fan of spoken word, I didn’t have much else to do that night why not?  It was okay, I enjoyed some poets and kept sarcastic remarks to myself while she damn near caught the holy ghost next to me.  She wasn’t pleased with my lack of enthusiasm, and the date went south from there.  I didn’t hear from her for a week, didn’t phase me too much, I had lost interest after some other things she had told me.  She randomly hit me up asking to borrow money, I declined, I haven’t heard from her since. Beaches be tripping.

Dramatization. Her after every damn poem

She doesn’t work so that was reason enough to decline, but aside from that I simply don’t like lending money.  I’ll give it away before I loan it, I don’t like owing people already I couldn’t put someone else in that position.   I have mental logs of who owes me what (about $1400 from 6 people) but it wouldn’t even be worth my time or effort to pull the tab, maybe this is how China feels.   Charge it to the game, I suppose.

Some people I’m sure would pay me back if they could, others I’m convinced just made a quick come up at my expense (pun intended). Myself I’m reluctant to borrow anything, I did enough of that from Sallie Mae and Stafford. Back in the day, I would steal borrow my father’s albums copy them and give it right back, I don’t like to have anybody’s anything too long. Then not too long ago I used a friends truck to pick up a couch I bought, he said I could have it overnight, I got it back to him within the next 2 hours. I don’t like having other people’s things, or feeling indebted to someone else. I’m weird like that. The other part is pride, I don’t like to borrow because I don’t like to humble myself to ask. There’s only 2-3 people I would honestly go to if needed, and even technically they owe me already. Speaking of borrowing, my neighbor still has my The Wire DVDs, -__- I hate lending.



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