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Today’s Word is… SHAME



So a few years back when I worked in retail, me and my coworkers would all take similar lunches/breaks and watch Maury in the breakroom.  Only godsisters can judge me.  It was a guilty pleasure for us, we even bet on paternity results (did I mention I was a supervisor….a mess, I was.)   For what its worth, even then I knew it was trash television but it was a refreshing break from irritants that are retail customers with inferiority complexes who feel they can talk to you any type of way like they themselves don’t make like $10/hr at some call center (I really hated retail).  Fast forward to recently, I had a day off nothing on TV, why not throw on some Maury for old times sake.  It was like when I tried to get back into watching wrestling, I saw the jig from a mile away and I just couldn’t enjoy it anymore.  Anyway, as I struggled through an episode of Maury I tapped out before Jerry Springer and went online.  Where, well,  there was another episode of Maury.

A woman was telling a story about her “fiancé” who brought her to meet his family and introduced her as a friend.  Twitter chimed in saying she overreacted so to prove her case (to these anonymous strangers) she started to air more dirty laundry to rationalize her own decision in real life to strangers.   Instead of playing to a studio audience of seemingly unemployed people in Stamford, CT, she was playing to a timeline of seemingly unemployed people online.  She was convinced she had to leave, but now she needed to prove it to them, why? I still don’t know.  Just last week, another woman fell for “the Maury”, this time informing the timeline of a woman who was sending explicit photos to her husband and even posting them online (is that illegal yet?) Once again, oblivious to the fact that the TL is laughing at her not with her.

Maybe its a sign of the times that people really have no shame anymore. Everyone is a “hater”, no one is good enough to have a valid opinion on you anyway so why not put your dirty laundry out there?  I always thought Maury and the like seem too outrageous to possibly be real then when I log on and see my timeline abuzz about some buckfoy who lives at home with his mother but flying out followers and by the way he was married, you cant help but feel like you’re in the audience at Maury.  You can’t even point the finger at trash television when we hop on social media and highlight trash.  Not to sound #fakedeep and soapboxy but when does anyone just keep some sh t to themselves?  We’re our own writers, editors, publishers and its amazing what we choose to release.  I’ve been doing this whole blogging thing for 2 years and I’ll be damned if I’m going to expose myself to go viral for 15 minutes.  But maybe thats just me tho.



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Today’s Word is… AVAILABILITY

I hate this quote.  I hate whoever thought of it. I hate Tumblr.  I hate the “parody” accounts on Twitter who spew quotes like these. I hate the Baltimore Ravens just because.  The reason I hate the quote is it’s commonly used against me out of context.  “Miss” was good for doing so, but she at least knew that it annoyed me she just liked to be cute.  Others usually use it when I’m too busy for their liking, which instead of taking accountability and realizing maybe they’re making themselves too available, they point the finger at the man.  Geaux figure.

Availability is something that is often overlooked in regards to dating, it seems like people aren’t as available as they like to think they are, others aren’t as unavailable as they think they are.  Ironically enough, I’m talking to one on each end of the spectrum.  In the blue corner, we have “Busy”, a sweet, beautiful woman with enough wit and sarcasm to almost go toe to toe with me. Almost.  I like “Busy”, but she bites off way more than she can chew sometimes, and while her caring nature is one of the things I like about her, it makes her impossible to date.  Interestingly enough, she doesn’t see it that way.  She says I’m not making myself available enough, but one who makes themselves too available usually gets burned in the long run. Like Nnamdi Asomugha on a go route. Alas, the conflict of two people who think they are both making themselves available enough for the other and the other simply isn’t taking advantage of what’s in front of them.  Or maybe our availability struggle is a cleverly disguised game of chicken, where one simply wants to see who gives in first.  Unfortunately, of the many things we have in common, stubbornness is one of them.  I will win eventually, I hope.

I will not be Nnamdi’ed. For the non football fan, he’s #24 who should’ve caught #12 15 yards ago

In the red corner, we have “Lady”, who is a single working mother who always seems to be the one reaching out.  I’ve had my reservations about dating single mothers in the past but I like her so far I’m just not sure how much.  She’s opened up to me a lot, a whole lot that I’m still processing it all.  Part of me feels she just wants a boyfriend and any old guy would do.  I like to think of myself as a catch but she doesn’t know I am yet, she can’t know yet, I haven’t even showed her much yet.  She has a whenever, whereever, whatever schedule where if I called right now she’d probably drop her son off and be right over.  That’s not exactly a plus in my book. I like challenges. When one is too available, it basically leaves another to use them at their own convenience, not like they’re going anywhere.  Writing it out, she might not just be too available just too easy and I’m not about to be the next contestant on that Maury Show screen.

No sir. No me.

I like women who make me work and anticipate but there’s got to be light at the end of the tunnel.  Make me chase you but I’m not going to run forever, shin splints ain’t nothing to f wit.  I can’t deal with an overly available women because we’ll always run into trouble when I can’t give her the time she wants, and overly busy women are just frustrating. On a 1-10 I’d take a 4-6 or even 3 if she’s really fine.

On a 1-10 scale with 1 being the least available, I’d say I’m about a 4.  Depending who else you ask I’m probably a -10. While I’m fairly open I still know that you never want to become the guy that you know is always free.  I can be staring at my phone waiting for you to respond to my text but I refuse to be the guy that texts “???” every 10 minutes (don’t you hate when people do that, like go play Angry Birds or something, i’ll get back to you when I do).  On the other end, you also don’t want to become the guy that’s so unavailable that women think you’re gay, married or Batman. I wasn’t available for a while and some good women slipped by because of it. Single doesn’t always mean available, a lesson I learned the hard way.



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