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Today’s Word is… NEWBREED

In a month….I’ll be 24.  Yuck.  People typically think I’m much older because how I act, although I resent being told I’m mature for my age like I’m not already a grown damn man. I think there’s phases of adulthood, 21, 25, 30 and/or your child is old enough to realize you don’t work, drive and don’t have a spouse.  I’ll be glad to be distanced from the 18-24 demographic, with whom I primarily see myself fitting in with as well as LL Cool J on a country record.  This especially goes for the under 21 crowd, who I commonly refer to as “newbreeds”, they are just…..different.  There’s almost another generational divide, my brother is 6 years older than me and our teen lives where drastically different, I look at my 18 year old brother and wonder, where the hell they find you?  Their almost a different species.

Newbreeds are easy to spot, they dress like all the bad trends from the 80s, their hairstyle from the 90s, and speak like older rappers from the 00s. They wear socks and underwear from designer labels so they have to wear their pants half off or up too high, to show them off.  They wear graphic t shirts of bands they never heard of, but they heard they make her dance.  They’ll  congregate by the thousands outside of sneaker stores to be the only one with a new Air Jordan sneaker.  The irony indeed goes on for miles as the lines do.  They’ll then wear the shoes a few times, take enough photographs to confirm ownership of said sneaker and then sell/trade them to acquire a different sneaker to take more photos in.   They love to express their individuality but somehow all look, talk and act alike.   

Newbreeds roam in packs, refer to everyone as “bro”, they love to proclaim “no new friends”, but follow/add people they don’t know.  They are bosses without employees, hustlers without a craft, yet carry a huge sense of accomplishment and bravado.    It’s best not to engage with a newbreed, they will refer to as “cooked” or “tripping” when ironically it’s them that is in such state.  Their mating skills are that of portraying a false sense of wealth on social media, and solicitation of pictures and invitations to “chill”.  They are quite the peculiar species. 

As I said, I’m not exactly old, yet when I look at the average 19-20 year old, I feel like Morgan Freeman.  What caused this widening of the gap, you can say a spoiled mentality.  I didn’t get my first cell phone until my high school graduation, I know 8 year olds with ipads.  Materialism is instilled at a young age, I look at old photos I have nice brand name clothes but it was never to a point I knew exactly what was what and how much it cost and how much my peers clothes cost.  Women’s standards have lowered, once again due to materialism, being fresh gets you farther than sincere courting these days.  Or you can just blame Lil Wayne for everything.  Yeah, #blameWeezy.



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Today’s Word is… THANKFUL

Yup it’s one of those posts….

My family first and foremost

A God that loves me in spite of constant doubting

My friends who stuck around, and the ones who no longer felt the need to keep up the charade and showed their true colors

Good  health and credit…a couple years ago I probably weighed more than my credit score

That Superstorm Sandy missed Massachusetts almost entirely, prayers for the areas not so lucky

That Beyonce made an instagram

My apartment

My sorta kinda but not really but in the right lighting and if i inhale you can see abs

Black soap

The Dark Knight Rises on Blu Ray

That Kendrick Lamar put out an album this year and Lil Wayne didn’t

My President is still black (and he’s come with gifts)

That nerds are in now \o/

No oops babies

All my e-boos have skype so i won’t end up on MTV’s Catfish

I found gainful employment before I started to consider retail

My hairline isn’t receding

I don’t see a viable threat to the Patriots getting back to the Superbowl

Being able to play Mario Kart 64 on my phone

This 30 in 30 challenge, which has kept me very busy

Green grapes

3000+ twitter followers


Sparkling water

Moderate good looks

and of course all my readers…you make me a blogger and not some dude writing in a diary, love you all



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Today’s word is… INTIMIDATION

“I Ain’t Scared of You Motherf***as” -The Late Great Bernie Mac

So I’m on the train nodding out to this frustratingly average Dedication 4 mixtape and I notice someone staring at me.  I glance at my observer….caramel skinned, one of them flowy dresses that probably has a name but I don’t know because I’m a man, straight black hair, pretty face with just the right amount make up, not bad.  I smile at her, she smiles back, she has 3 rows of teeth.  -__- I see the rows moving I think she’s talking to me, she says “hey Tristan, been a while”.  A lightbulb goes off finally, I know her, she was jaggermouth or sabertooth something like that #kidsarecruel.  I think we were talking at some point too.  She didn’t dress as well and her hair wasn’t as up kept back then, she was somebody’s sister, cousin or homegirl and I simply was the wingman when we met.

Thinking about it now, I was always somebody’s wing man before I even knew of the word.  I was the always the one to talk up the homegirl, the bad built cousin, or the flat out mean ones.  Ironically enough, because I knew I had no expectations outside of keeping her busy, I was a lot more confident than I otherwise would be.  Then on my own pursuits, scared to death, scared to look, I’m shook. I counted myself out a lot, I was always willing to be the decoy because I didn’t think I was worthy of the actual target.  Part of that is just being introverted; I sit back and assess the situation, weigh the odds, and act accordingly depending on my comfort level.  Simply put; going for what’s easier.

Over time, I grew out of that phase and started to challenge myself pursue women who you would think wouldn’t be interested; more successful, extremely more attractive, older…and the results was no different from the girls I was chasing on back in the day.  Give or take a few who were just too full of themselves they are probably writing Strawberry Letters to Steve Harvey asking why can’t they find a man, these “intimidating”, unapproachable, out of my league women want nothing different from any other woman.  In fact, they were actually intimidated by me for some reason.

Myself, I’m probably as un-intimidating as you can get, like Michael Strahan on a daytime talk Show.  I’m cute but not unbelievably handsome, I’m not exactly balling out of control, and I don’t exactly have women lined around the corner like *some* would assume.  Speaking of, that’s perhaps the main thing that has come up as of late; competition. However, that’s still not so much me as if it is one woman sizing herself up to another. I ain’t sh*t. Honestly.  But alas the difference between men and women, intimidating women apparently don’t need a man, intimidating men apparently got enough women so they are conveniently bypassed and admired from afar.  If only if these “intimidating” men and women would find each other, it would work out surely, right?  Well I tried that. Her name was “Ms.”.


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