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Today’s Word is… SPORTS

I’m weird.  I have a blog in 2013, I read ehow and Wikipedia for no reason, I hate hot sauce and cream cheese yet eat Buffalo wings and cheesecake, I hate when my tie doesn’t match my dress socks, Oh yeah and I still have a fuggin cat.  One of the things that has always made me not *as* weird is my 4th love; sports, the others ahead obviously being women, music, and writing.  My love for sports started where most young boys love for sports begins, my father.

Father’s Day 1993, also my 5th birthday.  I don’t remember much about the day, I mean it was 20 years ago but what I do remember is it was Game 6 of the NBA finals, Bulls vs the Suns.  My father and my brother was ready to watch the game, I was 5 so I thought I was grown I wanted to watch too.  My father called my bluff figured I would be knocked by the 2nd quarter but I watched every last second.  The Bulls would win that game and their 3rd consecutive championship, and I just remember the coronation of Michael Jordan.  He was the GOAT, I found the celebration as entertaining as the game, the passion, the joy, I wanted to be part of that one day.  I became a Bulls fan, I became a basketball fan, I wanted to play basketball.

I don’t remember what I had got for my birthday initially but I know it magically turned into a basketball hoop that next day.  It got old quick, and then Jordan retired but the love of the sports remained.  I never was the most athletic (although I was a pretty good baseball player back in the day) but as participant or spectator, from the age of 5 it was something that I just gravitate towards, just as most people do. But why do we throw billions into an industry that’s primarily centered on people playing a game?

For me it began with the camaraderie. I wanted to be “one of the guys” watching the game. That can also be applied to fanhood in general. It’s the unspoken fraternity (well not fraternity since ladies is fans too gon brush ya shoulders off) of people who invest as much time and energy rooting for the same team. The energy from being at the stadium, the local bar, even now just logging on twitter.

Then of course there’s the entertainment value. My favorite players who aren’t necessarily on my team are the ones who just flat out entertain me. There’s certain events that I just can’t miss, I remember LeBron’s first game, Stephen Strasburg’s debut, Shaq vs Kobe, Ohio St vs Michigan, sports are a spectacle. Even the most casual fan can’t not watch the Superbowl. The drama of a game 7, watching a record being broken, an inspiring back story, there’s always something to be watching for.

There’s so many more reasons but I’ll wrap this up by saying the experience. The underlying element you’re about to witness, feel and experience something you never have before or will again. Whether It’s a gracious victory or an agonizing defeat, when It’s over, It’s over. The greatest writers and analysts in the world still can’t quite recreate it. It can’t be undone (no matter how many times the NCAA white outs the history books and says something didn’t happen) can’t be done over. So as I sit and watch the Bruins or whatever NBA game is on tonight I know that win, lose or draw this will never happen again so I minds well enjoy it now. That’s sports.



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Today’s Word is… HATER

My favorite job ever was when I was 17.  I got a job at Target working the electronics department.  The hours sucked, the pay was terrible, and I didn’t like most of my coworkers.  What I enjoyed however, was customer questions, especially on music. In a way, it was like having my own record store, an early dream of mine back when people actually bought media.   I probably would’ve been fired had they known about the purchases I dissuaded customers from making, not like I got commission, “the product sells itself…” pssh whatever.  I developed a nice following of customers for my opinion and had I known better I probably would’ve started a blog or something back then.  These days I’m just as opinionated, but it’s hard to have one these days, now we live in the hater era; where everyone’s opinion that isn’t your own, is merely hating because you’re never wrong.  It’s a hilarious attack on accountability, rappers use haters to mask the fact they aren’t making quality music, regular people use it because…well I don’t know.  You put something out there but expect no one to have an opinion on it how does that work?

Men Lie. Women Lie. Numbers Don’t.

The fundmental difference between hating and opinion is really the validity of your opinion.  If you’re talking nonsense you just sound bitter.  I dislike Kobe Bryant but to say he isnt one of the greatest players of the modern era, is so irrational it can’t be nothing but hating.  When CNN projected Barack Obama as the winner of the election, I instantly turned to Fox News just to see what they would say.  Of course, there was Karl Rove saying it isn’t over when the crowd already stormed the court.  You lost by 10 but you really arguing if the halfcourt buzzer beater counted, you sound ridiculous.  Then again betting 100 million dollars on the wrong horse  would drive anyone mad.

The other is the relationship of the opinionated, something far too many people get confused over.  It wasn’t long ago Lil’ Wayne released his Dedication 4 mixtape.  I downloaded it, listened to it, wasn’t impressed.  I tweeted my opinion and here came an onslaught of Weezy fans calling me a hater and telling me he has more money (really? that’s your argument?). Now while I can’t go into a studio and do what Lil Wayne does (too be honest maybe I could but thats beside the point), I’m a music consumer.  Tell me more how music consumers have no right to give an opinion on music.  Hating would be talking about how many downloads the mixtape got, or why women sweat him even though he looks like a shrunken head, I merely kept my opinion on what I’m qualified to, the music.  But artists like Wayne don’t have accountability, the audience is wrong and jealous of him.  He’ll learn eventually when people stop supporting, ask 50 cent.

The third qualification of a hater is an unsolicited opinion.  You can’t post a picture and call someone a hater for not liking it.  Perhaps they could’ve kept it to themselves but so could you. Yet you put it out there to be judged.   We constantly talk about our lives (looks into mirror) and then feel some type of way if someone comments on it.  I love when readers disagree with my post, call me out on something or tell me I had spelling mistakes.  They have no reason to hate, I’m not that serious.  Opinions can be good or bad, you got to learn to accept both.  But every athlete, musician and actor brushes it off as hate, why can’t I?

Goal for 2013…run marathon, get this watch..okay maybe 2014

It goes without saying, we like to mimic stars. I remember when I first heard Jay name drop Hublot watches in a song, I made decent money maybe I can get me a Hublot…I saw the price, my feelings were hurt. Badly.  We can’t always have what stars have. With fame, hate is just part of the territory.  With ordinary people despite having nothing otherworldly to covet, they pretend they have that same amount of hate. As I said before, haters are usually wrong and/or have no reason to comment other than to hear themselves speak.  You look at the reasons claim they have haters they are silly.  No one is hating on your relationship, they are just tired of reading statuses about him.  We aren’t losing sleep over your follower count, you just aren’t that funny.  It’s not you don’t have a nice body but do you even know how to take a head shot?  It’s just a lack of accountability.  Or maybe I’m just hating because I don’t got any haters. Haters gon’ hate.


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Today’s Word is… SUMMERTIME

Back to back Jigga vids, I’m not a “stan” tho. I’m not a fan of the summer.  I hate bugs, the heat gives me headaches, I can’t swim, I miss my 501 jeans, and every time you plan something outside it rains.  Only thing good about June is my birthday (shoutout Juneteenth nah mean, team gemini we out here baby, one love *raises BET award*), July is as bland as it gets and August is pretty much the lame opening act to the fall.  If it wasn’t for cookouts and sundresses I would move to Alaska and watch Russia from my house.  Even in school, I wasn’t the kid that had a whole great plan for the summer, I knew I wasn’t doing much different than I did the other 9 months of the year.  Now, in the last weekend of August I look back and see my summer was pretty blah give or take. Although it would’ve been expected since it started off with me getting stood up on my birthday and LeBron James actually winning a title.

So basically allow me to recap my summer in bad luck Brian meme fashion.

Bets on Thunder in 6. Heat wins in 5.

Loses 60 lbs. Loses love.

Falls for new girl. Accepts internship in Thailand.

Goes to see Batman. Sold out.

Does books for struggling company. Sees they can’t afford me.

Starts to follow the Olympics. NBC coverage

Plans trip to Detroit. Cancelled.

Starts blog. Drama ensues.

Hopefully, the fall (my favorite season) brings about better luck.



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