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Today’s Word is… GEMINI 

When you tell her, you’re a Gemini…

So my birthday is in 3 weeks (ahem PayPal. Me/AyoTristan …kidding kidding, unless you gon do it), that makes me a Gemini.  I never read that much into astrology, maybe I’d read a horoscope in the newspapers on my morning commute but that was about it.  All I knew was Geminis were two sides, I always viewed it (correctly) as nuanced. It wasn’t until I started dating that I realized Geminis cause people to run for the hills and touch the bridge behind them.  Granted, some of the most notable Geminis include Kanye West and #YallMans so I can see that the property value on Gemini Island isn’t looking too great.  So allow me to try and defend my sign from all from all of these alternative facts because yall don’t have the answers Sway. 

I’ll cop to some of the stereotypes; I think too much, feel too little, bore too easily.  I’ll get an idea and not follow through, because I have another idea I need to follow through on.  I’m susceptible to whirlwind romances, because I’m wooed easily by witty banter.  I’ll tell you it’s fine while planning my actual solution. Whether I’m right or not, you’re probably not going to win an argument with me anyway.  Other ones, not so much.  Geminis are usually considered extroverts, while I’m an INFJ.  (Yes that makes me an intuitive introverted extrovert that adjusts his emotions based on a vibe you may or may not even be aware you’re giving…but I mean, at least I’m smart).  It’s not that I’m unable to be social, it’s moreso its really apparent when I don’t feel like it. (white coworkers however, completely oblivious to this and will continue to make fetch happen) 
The other common misconception is being two faced, when most of the time we are simply adjusting to the situation at hand, very efficiently.  I remember working in sales and being excellent and awful at the same damn time; if you were interested I could sell you anything, if you weren’t…then why was you still here, I could actually be selling to a willing customer.  Being pushy and persistent for the sake of doing so didn’t make much sense to me.  For who, for what? (I didn’t last long in sales). Dating not much different, walk out once and I’ll probably change the locks behind you.  That ability to shut down and move on quickly feels like there wasn’t much investment in the first place, when really its just “okay this is what this is now”,  make the necessary and keep it moving.  I wouldn’t even say I’m hot and cold, I’m hot then cold.  Then maybe lukewarm at best. But you remember how hot this used to be and can’t get used to this, you’re out and now YOU hate geminis because they are wishy-washy.  

Geminis are seen non-committal, simply because when you can see all sides of something, how do you then pick one.  Growing up in a house with 3 sisters, I mastered the art of simply articulating both their points and getting out the way before they realized I didn’t actually give an answer.  Hell, I just did it the other day when my boys got into a LeBron vs Jordan debate.  Depending on the day, time, weather, and what color I’m wearing my answer will probably change.  

So why is there so much hateration, holleration, in the Gemini’s dancery? Is it really just a matter of uncertainty?  Or the idea of being everything to everyone just on its face feels fake and disingenuous. Perhaps it’s the pressure to keep one mentally stimulated… Or maybe y’all just some low bottom haters. 




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Today’s Word is… INFJ


Yeah technically not a word…but I pay bills here so, you will deal.  

So you know I’m not big into astrology.  It’s kinda cool to think about but I don’t assign much credence to it.  What I place a bit more stock in is the Meyers Brigg personality test.  (If you’ve never taken one, theres a good on over on 16personalities.com…..dont go right now; you’re in the middle of reading something, rude ass) So, according to the test I’m an INFJ personality type: Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging….apparently it’s one of the rarer ones, I take it to mean I’m doper than most.  In layman’s terms, it’s the quiet extrovert…I take a bit to adapt and adjust to my environments and get comfortable. People who I’m comfortable around see one side or me, the rest see the other (I’m typically the boyfriend who all her friends and family think I’m so quiet and nice and she’s like, Tristan? Psssh).  I say that to say, when you mix this steelo with this negro, you wind up with an unique person to deal with sometimes.  I stand in that truth (INFJs are very self aware and shit) but I don’t necessarily think INFJs are that tough to crack, there’s just some things you need to know…

1. We project, a lot: and people really hate it.  I’m typically “this won’t work” guy and armed with no actual proof other than I’m typically right about these things, it doesn’t go over well.  No one wants to be told they’re going to catch feelings, end up like their sister, be back in a few months…it’s arrogant. And so I’ve learned to sit back and wait to be proven right. Still arrogant. But less offensive.

2.  We explain ourselves, a lot: *ignores irony of this post explaining myself which was sparked by me explaining myself to someone*

3. We switch up, a lot: One day I’m just at the bar, on my phone babysitting a drink. Another, I’m on the stage hyping up everyone  (thats a storytime for another day…or not).  One day I’m all over you, the next I’m reading a book with headphones in.  (Damn I’m really confusing)

4. We create, a lot- We’re creatives at heart, but bills.  I chose business school over art school, my career over writing full time.  They say INFJs are best suited for jobs without a lot of supervision (which I have) but help people (eh, I try).  

5. We cape, a lot: *skims dating history* Let’s just say, I’ve been open minded, while being perfectly aware that eventually I would outgrow them, cuz see #1.

6. We read into things, a lot: I’m offended more by the little things, a funny look, a backhanded comment, insocuiant mannerisms moreso than arguments.   We’re also hypocrites because we’re very passive and snarky. 

7. We need signals, a lot: Well not a lot, but I have a theme going.   I have no issue approaching people, making the first move, I’m just leery of being pushy.  I don’t need you to take the ball out my hands (Actually, please don’t…I’m not that shy, I’m just not that interested) just give me enough reason to believe I’m not wasting my time

8. We assume you get it, a lot: after all the explaining, there comes a point where INFJs think you should know better.  Things that seem so simple to us, should be simple to everyone.  Except we’re weirdos, so you don’t.  (Now I think about it I wonder if Kanye is an INFJ….nah, not empathetic enough.)

9. We guard, a lot: INFJs give just enough to not seem dead inside but not much more.  To this day, I don’t know anyone who knows me fully (hmmm actually, maybe one…)

10. We hold grudges, a lot: A bit unfair to say it’s a grudge as much as its, you fucked up, I believe you’re more likely to do so again, therefore I’m going to act accordingly….okay maybe that is holding a grudge.

So I mean sure, we’re a little sensitive about things we turn around and do to others, we seldom budge from the assumptions we already made about you, go out our way to show how well we understand YOU yet revel in being vague and ambiguous, distant, nitpicky, are aware we make up 1% of the population therefore feel you aren’t equipped to understand us…but I mean when you get past all of that. We’re perfect partners.  So don’t let the stressing block your blessing, love us and shit.



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Today’s Word is… ASTROLOGY

[Editors Note: An oldie but goodie…]


“Tristan? that’s like my favorite guy name”

<line so cheesy I won’t play myself by posting>

“You seem like a Scorpio”

“No I’m a Gemini”

“That would’ve been my second guess”

Now who she attracting with that line whats your name, whats your sign? I played along though, she was cute and I love bold women who approach so I don’t have to.  In reality I’m not into astrology, well most men aren’t, it’s a convenient icebreaker but any dude that interrupts your Sudoku to check his horoscope deserves the sidest of eyes.  Admittedly I’m slightly amused by astrology,  I will rep team gemini just like I repped classes of 2006 and 2010, team android and team darkskinned. Some horoscopes even hit the nail on the head, but even a dead clock is right twice a day.  As far as dating goes, in my experience Geminis are pretty much hit and miss, everyone seems to have a few Geminis they can’t stand.  They also have some good qualities that I will use at my own convenience, mostly tongue in cheek mocking those who read way too much into it.  Not knocking ones beliefs but I hate being generalized; stop being lazy and googling Gemini horoscopes and get to know me, the actual person who happens to be born in mid-June.

The main reason I don’t care for astrology is it seems every sign is sooooo great.  Most horoscopes are sugarcoating and pandering, the worst horoscope I ever read might have been: someone you know is having a bad day, avoid them.  Social media has taken the annoyance to another level with accounts who do nothing but spit out meaningless positive generalizations about a sign so people can say omg thats so me…yeah you and 56897394 other Tauruses, have a seat.  It’s almost like the evil queen’s magic mirror, tell me how sweet I am, tell me general things that no one else understands about me, tell me she’s not just being a b*tch the stars are aligned that way.

Relationship astrology is perhaps the worst of all.  From the exes birthdays I cared to or was easy enough remember, I dated mainly Libras, a couple Sagittariuses, two Scorpios and a partridge in a pear tree.

Astrology says 

Gemini and Libra have an easy rapport since they’re genuinely curious about other people. Libra loves to entertain, and Gemini is a people person, too. This sets them up to be great hosts, a couple that has lots of “couple friends.” At home, they’ll share the minutia of their lives, observations, jokes, analysis and brilliant inspiration

Stan says

Wrong.  I’m far from a people person.  Most of the time I had “couple friends” was with a Capricorn and a Scorpio.

Astrology says

When Gemini and Sagittarius come together in a love affair, it can be a truly spectacular match! These two are extremely compatible; any rough spots they encounter during the course of the relationship are sure to be smoothed over with a minimum of effort. Gemini and Sagittarius are great friends, besides being well-matched lovers.

Stan  says

Astrology says

Gemini and Scorpio share an endless curiosity about human behavior, which gives them a lot to talk about.  Scorpio will try to read Gemini at a deep level, while the nature of the Twins is to constantly change.  Gemini feels just as deeply as Scorpio, though they might dance around it, or fill the space with chatter as a defense.

Stan says

Okay maybe astrology wins one.

There’s so much more to astrology that taking billions of people and putting them in 12 categories so perhaps I’m woefully ignorant on the subject.  However, I still can’t take it seriously, you need more people.  I’m much more complexed than a birthday, no star alignment can figure me out.  I’m a product of my mother’s compassion and my father’s determination. I get annoyed easily but I just as quickly let things go.  I’m a hopeless romantic but have too much pride to show it to just anyone. And that’s barely the surface.  A “Gemini” is not enough to describe me. Oh and Scorpios aren’t as freaky as they like to take credit for. But you’ll never read that in the paper.



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