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Today’s Word is… MOTIVATION

Haven’t did a diet/fitness post in a while, primarily because there’s nothing new to report and I might’ve gained a few pounds….a couple times.  I’m getting my act together, slowly which is much harder to do in the summer.  It was this time last year when I started to take the foot off the gas, I had lost 50 lbs in 4 months, you couldn’t tell me ish.  Fall rolled around and I pulled through, holidays was the worst days, I was sipping egg nog when I was thirstay.  Spring was just…and now I’m here.  The final 25 ish lbs is now a steeper 40, the issue: Summer is the worst the to get motivated.

It’s too hot to do anything some days, ain’t nobody got time to be cooking, cookout season, pretty ladies everywhere you just want to get fly and be out.  But no, I may not be excused.  Well over a year into this I thought I’d be done, or been quit and just found a woman with a penchant for teddy bear brothas and my blog would be about the transition marriage, kids and sh t.   But here I am, on another muhfuggin nutrition and exercise guide because you know, I’m not a dieter, I just dont eat a lot.  The Manly Man guide, Thinsgiving and the What Would Jigga Do plans worked out pretty well for myself and others who played along, this one will be I don’t know I got nothing….maybe I will think of something and this sentence never happened, if you can read this then I failed. Welp.

1) Water man, water man, water man, water mighty good man- I honestly been slacking on my water, went from 15 cups daily to chugging down a bottle just to make 8.  Personally, I just hate having to use the bathroom every 25 seconds especially at work.  Summer makes this a bit easier as it’s hot as hell and I’m not likely to drink anything else. 

2) Get me on the court and I’m trouble- How can you get a triple double in a pick up game, what the hell was they playing to? 50?  Anyway, while I’m not the biggest fan of the gym in the summer (i still go because strength training is still important), nothing beats a jog or running some ball while the sun goes down and mosquitoes chill….slightly. 

3) Flex In the Kitchen- The kitchen isnt just for women who says Koby is in the Super Bowl to get some attention on Twitter.  Take full control of what you’re eating, make it yourself.  Basically avoid take out at all costs, when it is too hot to cook, but there’s always sammiches. With no mayo, it’s gross.  Just thought I

4) Can’t see it coming down my eyes, so i gotta make this log cry- I used to log everything I was eating, then i started doing it mentally, then I stopped caring.  Its a tedious task, but in an era people take pics of their food before they bless it, why not just log it and hold yourself accountable. 

5)”Eat clean” – Michael Douglas- You know the usual sneak a veggie in each meal, yogurt for breffis, all that good stuff there’s a million blogs and articles on

This time last year, I was sure by August I was gonna be walking around with no shirt cuz i don’t give a fuh bout my haters long as my beaches love me.  It ain’t quite work out that way, we’ll see what happens when August 2013 comes around, quick math says 16 lbs @ 2 lbs a week, which would bring me…..exactly where I was in August 2012..D’oh.



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Today’s Word is… PLATEAU


Weight loss update: I’m exactly where I was month ago. D’oh.  I actually did great on Thanksgiving, it was the entire week following it.  I blame egg nog, cheesecake and Domino’s pan pizza.  But what’s done is done and it’s time to get back on track for this finally stretch.  27 lbs in 28 days is utterly impossible (maybe 213 in 2013?, 14 lbs in 4 weeks, is about what 3 lbs a week, yeah maybe thats pushing it as well) so in this final stretch it’s time to get as close to 200 as possible.  Whatever Brandy, almost does count. But first I need to bust out of this plateau… (is it considered a plateau if you lost weight in 2 weeks, gained more back and lost that again to coincidentally break even…I don’t care I’m not changing my word anyway). So alas my plan going forward  get past this plateau and move put more energy to other phases of my life that sucks, you know like the love life, career, lack of network, etc.  To make it easier to remember (and probably a lot harder to write) I’ll name the steps after Jay-Z songs/lines. After all, it is Jigga Day tomorrow, yes Jigga day is an actual day.  I’m not a stan tho.

What Would Jigga Do

What Would Jigga Do

“I will not lose”- The obvious one. I cannot get disheartened.  Granted I expected to be done by now, 100 lbs in 9 months is totally doable according to the internet, maybe because I never actually buy the plans that they plug at the end of the articles. Shrug life.

 A Week Ago ft Too Short- It really was all good just a week ago.  I had conquered the Thinsgiving challenge, I had actually lost weight, so what happened, hubris met hungry.   I started to eat larger portions, ordered out twice, figured I would just burn it off.  Then things came up I wasn’t able to make it to the gym, I walk 2 miles a day but that wasn’t exactly making up for the extra amount I was eating.  Obviously, I can’t do this anymore, can’t allow myself to get cocky now I’m not finished yet.

“Get ya weight up…not ya hate up”– Lifting heavy versus lifting light is a battle as old as left Twix versus right Twix.  There’s benefits to both, lifting heavy builds more muscle which burns more at rest.  Lifting light leads to larger burns during the actual workout. Simple solution do both, focus on getting the most reps at my max weight.  Honestly it’s something I regret not keeping better track of before


Run this Town ft Kanye West & Rihanna- I need to start running again.  I’ve beat the elliptical to a pulp over the past 9 months, my body is probably too used to it.  Running presents a much needed change of pace even though I’m woefully flat footed and Wu Shin Splints aint nothing to f*** wit.   It’s too cold to run outside (I seriously don’t get how people do it), and I hate treadmills..I’ll figure it out.

“You starting to look like bread”- I tried to cut carbs, but it be calling me.  Carbs make me really lazy, pasta especially, thus not hitting the gym, thus gaining weight.  It also makes me look puffy no Diddy.

At least he's exercising...

At least he’s exercising…

Can I get A… ft Amil & Ja Rule- No more ordering out for real this time.  It’s convenient when I don’t want to wash dishes, forgot to thaw something, etc

Change Clothes ft Pharell- Perhaps the biggest inconvenience of all is that I only fit about 30% of my wardrobe.  I wore a 2x, but probably had even bigger because I didn’t want to look bigger than I already was (it doesn’t make sense but it does).  I’m down to a large (can even pull off ‘slim fit’ clothes although its not really my taste) and all my old clothes are going to be a hefty tax deduction.  So in essence I can’t go back, the bridge is burned.  If that’s not a motivation tactic, I don’t know what is.

So on that note, we’ll see what happens in a month.   Cool, awesome, bye.





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Today’s Word is… THINSGIVING

According to my diet-not diet plan, I’m still on schedule.  I’ve lost 6.6 lbs in 2 1/2 weeks.  But now comes the boss battle: Thanksgiving.   The time for food, fun, family and football.  As you know I aim to keep my meal plans as unlimited as realistically possible, especially since I’m doing this by myself; if I set too many strict rules I will break them. Who’s gon stop me? Me? I’m not going to beat myself up like I’m Jim Carrey before he started doing all those sappy dramatic movies chasing an Oscar.  So I will have cheesecake, my egg nog, my turkey with gravy.  But I will set some guidelines as well to assure I still have a thinning Thanksgiving…a Thinsgiving if you will…


Pre-day Fast- I’m an intermittent intermittent faster.  Some days I commit to it 2 days a week, others no so much.  But tomorrow it’s nothing but water and maybe small veggie portions.



High Fiber Breakfast- After fasting, to avoid going ham at Thanksgiving I will refuel with a high fiber breakfast, probably oatmeal with apples and nuts.

Workouts- Today is naturally my rest day but I think I will work out today and rest tomorrow since I’ll be fasting and don’t want to do both in the same day.  Thursday I will get a workout in the morning, and try to sneak something in after eating, maybe I’ll bring my PS Move or something.

Portions- I cook with plenty of low fat ingredients so I don’t worry about portions as much as I should.  However ,since I’m not cooking I have no idea whats going to be in anything I’m eating, so to be safe eat a little of everything.

Mingle and stuff- An easy way to not overeat is to stay busy, talk and mingle with friends and family and not just stuff my face with food and alcohol because some drama is bound to go down and just want to stay out of it and not get drunk quickly so you dont have to go pick no one up or go to the store

Alcohol- I’ll go with wine, drink my L straight, and not get so riled up over the Patriots game I get too drunk I forget all about this guide

Seriously, you not going to make any sacrifices- Okay no dark meat, cranberry sauce, or sweet potatoes…

You don’t like those anyway- Fine, no stuffing, chips/dip, or egg nog…

Don’t become this person.


Requiem- Thursday will be bad enough, but if go and do the same thing Friday and Saturday then I’ll surely see it on the scale the next Monday.  I fully intend to enjoy my holiday, and my holiday alone.  Friday it is back to business as usual.  I’m realistic that I probably won’t lose three pounds this week but if I come out this weekend even at the same weight I was prior I’ll take it as a win.


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Today’s Word is… DIET

I’m not a dieter, somebody lied. I got a whopper in the car, with some fries.  *Rick Ross grunt*  I actually hate whoppers, mayonnaise bleh.  As some may know, I’m on a tear to lose 100 lbs by the end of 2012. I’m about 25 lbs away (currently weighing in at 227, no Marla Gibbs) with 2 months to go and statistically speaking as things go currently, I will fall short (i lose about 1.8-2.2 lbs/wk =14.4-17.6 lbs, so maybe I’ll just lie and threaten people to keep up the lie like Lance Armstrong).  However, that’s on my current path, which isn’t the most neatly paved one.  I eat what I want, when I want and pretty much cancel it out via fasting and intense workouts.  Going forward, I will take a better road, becoming a little more aware of what I’m eating.  I won’t call it a diet however; diets to me I think about sweating bullets resisting the urge to eat a cookie. Damn that I’m a grown man, if I want a cookie, I’ll eat a cookie. What the following is more of a manly masculine male guide to follow for the next 58 days *cue explosions, chainsaws , bikini clad women and pitbull barks*

awwww yeah.

You don’t win friends with salad: That line alone is why “Lisa the Vegetarian” is still my favorite Simpsons episode, that and “Homer versus the 18th amendment”,  I’d actually pay for my own Netflix account if they had The Simpsons on there…okay I’m rambling.  If you’re out with people you’re not thinking about healthy food choices, especially if you’re with the homies.  Simple solution, bring lunch instead of going out with coworkers, find other date activities besides dinner.

Nothing fried, died and laid to the side: This something I been doing actually, give or take a few times I just wasn’t trying to wait 50 years to bake chicken.  Being able to grill also helped but now summer’s over I don’t want to fall into the habit of frying food.  I haven’t bought oil in a while and I’m not a fan of cooking spray so without the means it’s kind of hard for me to do anyway

Taking out Take Out: Easier said than done, I’m incredibly lazy. Most of the time I get fast food its because I don’t want to cook or don’t want to wash dishes.

 The cliche of all cliches, eat your vegetables.  I eat plenty of fruit but I need to sneak in more vegetables into more meals besides dinner.  Load up an omelette with some, snack on carrots instead of grapes, and I could have a v8 but they’re gross.



Blame it on the Alcohol: If Diddy released a Ciroc Zero today, I’d write him for President on Tuesday.  I’m not a big drinker anyways but I will limit drinking at almost all costs.  Light beer tastes like disappointment anyways.

White Power: I haven’t ate too much red meat period, going forward I will cut it out completely.  Pork as well (i know i know its not red meat but still bye bacon).

Black Power:  All white is not created equalI will also cut white rice, white bread and white pasta, in favor of brown rice and whole grains

Then there’s, logging food to stay accountable, continuing my normal exercise routine, and no cheat meals; there’s a day for that called “Thanksgiving” coming up.  We’ll see where I am when its all said and done, maybe I’ll give an update next month assuming i’m not failing miserably.  It’s still not a diet tho.






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