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Today’s Word is… TWENTIES


It was a couple months ago, me and a couple friends go to see Childish Gambino.  Now its a little known fact at the venue that if you eat at the adjoining restaurant, they let you skip the line and enter through the back, which is what we did.  So we eat, drink and be merry and walk right into the show, front row.  This was all well and good except, this was a sold out venue and in the next 15-20 minutes we were going to be trapped by 1000 other people behind us.  Over the course of the show, we found ourselves getting pushed (and groped) by strangers doing it for the vine trying to get closer to the stage.  My date was nearly trampled and may or may not punched a guy…..or two….and shoved another, and spend half the show with some girl brushing her breasts  up against me and copping cheap feels, my date may have threatened to kick her ass….it was a wild night.  Wild, fun, but never a fuggin gain was my decree as we left the venue.  Simple put, I’m too damn old for General Admission. 

Last week I turned 25….I’m in my mid 20s, I got to buy insurance, I go the barber praying my hairline doesn’t start LeBroning, I rather drink wine at a lounge than turn up at the club, I paid off my credit cards, I’m a big kid now.  Now that I’m on the other side of the twenties hill, there’s times where I have an “I feel old” moment and no one lets me live (cuz a better part of my social circle is 30+ these days and even my 30+ readers are rolling their eyes). But tis true, mid twenty somethings can be “old” too, just like when I get information about a show and my first question is “is there a balcony?”


Other ways I know I’m getting old…

1. I’m overjoyed I don’t have to see high schoolers on my commutes anymore
2. I purchased running shoes and basketball shoes because I feel the aftere ffects of doing either in any ol sneaker
3. I think about the messages in the songs on the radio
4. Running into people from high school and being addressed by first and last name
5. Feeling like crap when I skip meals or eat too much fast food
6. Getting annoyed by remakes of things from my childhood
7. Strongly considering hiring an interior designer
8. Getting hey boo’d by girls I watched grow up
9. Strongly preferring a massage over sex some nights…..okay I’m lying I want both
10. I told a “when I was your age” story the other day
11. Its been a year and I haven’t purchased a PS4 yet
12. I’ll probably purchase a juicer and a Keurig tho

And unlucky #13

No more surprises.

I could get engaged or be expecting a child tomorrow and no one would blink twice, because at 25, this isn’t peculiar.  No more wrap it up warnings from Pops, no more calling girlfriends “wife” (actually I always hated that sh t, I have a friend who is Facebook married to his girl…he’s 29.). I could take a job in California and no one would protest, not that I couldn’t at 18 but you get my point.  When you get into your 20s, you’re not “too young” for anything now, well except death and complaining about being old in the first place.


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Today’s Word is… EMO

I admit my guilty pleasure is “emo” music from the originator Johnny Cash to My Chemical Romance, I dig music of substance, even if it’s sad, heart string pulling music. My guiltier pleasure is emo hip hop, a rising genre now that artists like Drake, Childish Gambino, and Frank Ocean have hit the mainstream.  Considering most rap songs are by people pretending they thugs, pretending they drug kingpins, pretending they rich, emo hip hop at least is real.  However, there’s a soft label that naturally comes attached to vulnerable or emotional men, that seems to be acceptable now.  Before men would simply bottle up emotions or express them through different outlets now they seem to wear them on their sleeve and match the outfit.

Rawr n sh*t


I was the emo guy once; I told you about my first girlfriend. I was shy and awkward around her, I wrote letters, called 12847 times, when she broke up with me, it shattered me, everything reminded me of her, I was a mess. I was also 16 years old.  These days, grown men act like this, and it’s acceptable.  I’m not acting like Mr. Macho now, I still get hurt by women, I’m extremely empathetic and I like cuddling and whatnot.  But I never want to be the guy women just say awww to and want to hug.  That big teddy bear thing was fine in high school, I’m a full grown grizzly now, rawr n sh*t.

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the emotionally unavailable man.  The man who never cries, never expresses his true feelings, only cares about sex, beer, his teams and bacon, he’s a pitbull to the emo guy’s yorkie terrier.   If you look at most relationship blogs and books, the emotionally unavailable guy is winning, he’s a douche but she wants to change him.  It’s the classic nice guy vs bad boy battle, the bad boy gets the girl the nice guy listens to Led Zeppellin’s “Since I’ve Been Loving You”.


Ultimately, the consensus of women want the guy in the middle.  Now is it easier to get a vulnerable, emotional man to take it down a few notches or get the emotionally unavailable guy to open up?  I’d say the latter simply because no one is so cold and shut down that there’s no way to get through to him.  Sure the emo guy can get it together, hell I did (at least I like to think I did, it’s my blog I can make anything true) but it usually takes a few rejections and some embarrassment at your expense before you learn better.


But I’m sure there’s some emo women out there who wants a man just as in tune with her emotions as she is, there’s also some cold women who want a man who doesn’t seem to care about anything, but the world doesn’t work like that, the emotional guys fall for the stoic women, the stoic guys keep getting the emotional women.  The ones in the middle, we chill.



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