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Today’s Word is… PRIDE


“Song Cry” is my favorite Jay-Z song, hell it’s my favorite song period, I even have the original sample, “Sounds Like a Love Song” by Bobby Glenn in my iTunes.  Curse Nelly winning that Grammy over him because white people loved saying “herre” that year but I digress.  The song spoke to me, granted I was too young to really say I could relate relationship-wise but the pride stood out.  I was the kid that always had a smile on his face, regardless how I really felt.  I guess even at a young age I realize the importance of not bringing your problems outside of the home and vice-versa.  Wear your pride on your sleeve and keep your emotions in your pocket, I guess that’s what some would call bottling up, I call it keeping things need to know.

Sometimes it backfires, as I let people and opportunities slip because I’m just too proud to put myself out there.  I know I shouldn’t hold myself back out of fear of rejection or judgment but it’s so much easier said than done.  To be honest my life is spiraling out of control at record speed,but you can’t see it coming down my eyes, so I gotta make this blog cry…

It’s like *cue The Sopranos finale blackout, i’m not even in the mood anymore…*


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Today’s Word is… START

Proverbs 17:27

Take em to church

Is this thing on?

As my title implies, its only fitting the first post be brief.  I’m Tristan, a man of few words, well Stan of a few words since every carnation of A Man of Few Words was taken already.  I’m starting a blog, as evidenced from my first 14 titles being taken already I was perhaps 6-7 years too late, but hey what can you do?  I’m not fully sure why it took so long. I love writing, it’s my favorite form of expression.  Ever since way back in elementary school, I was the kid who used to go in with the blue books.  My weekend was never as exciting as the other kids but I would lie like crazy.


Dramatization. Me, during journal time

[Flashback: So one time I made up a story about flying to my grandfathers house.  Now I had never flew before (actually still haven’t) so I wasn’t fully sure of like how the whole airport system worked. Also I lived in Boston and my grandfather lived in Queens so the fact that I (allegedly) flew to NY and back in a weekend already made Ms. O’Brien suspicious. So just to be mean she not only made me present my entry, but opened the floor to Q&As.  Only six years old. Played myself. Hard body.  Still hate her for that.]

18 years later, here I am walking to the front of the classroom with my blue book.  My life is slightly more interesting now.  As for what this blog is, I’m not fully sure yet.  I’ve done topical blogs before (a couple of sports blog, relationship advice, poetry, songs -_- , its amazing the things that pop up in a Google search), but this will be different; I will write when I’m inspired.  Perhaps daily, perhaps weekly, monthly maybe this will be my first/last post (likely in between the first and second one). Welcome.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Rome wasn’t built in a day, this blog was.  Over time I will be tweaking alot of things, trying to finally utilize the design and desktop publishing skills I learned.  Also, I’m still trying to find a niche so this blog might seem all over the place initially but hopefully you’ll stick around when it gets better.


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