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Today’s Word is… RECAP

December 31, 2011…me and “She” decided to spend the new year together instead of going out.  We ate, drank and I remember going off about my life and how I was changing it all, me and her against the world…


I’m still talking…

“what time is it”


“D’oh” *rewinds NYE special on DVR, Central time zone flow*

January 1, 2012 12:59am…10…9…8….7…6…5….4….3…2….1…

HAPPY NEW YEAR…and with that I kicked into motion my plan for the year.  Resolutions are made to be broken, plans are to be executed.

Can’t say 2012 was as epic as anticipated.  There were ups, quit the job I hated, and downs laid off by the job I quit the other one for, and up again, found a job than both previous ones.  My love life almost mirrors my employment, 2 breakups and others i had to let go.  My phone contacts are considerably lighter than last year, but my circle now is quality over quantity.   The big change was the weight loss the final tally is…..216.7 lbs, shy of my 100 lb mark, no shirtless instagrams yet but at least this summer I won’t be the guy with a shirt on in the pool.  Overall its 85.3 lost in about 39 weeks.  Speaking of 39 weeks, no little Stans in the world yet #wrapitup. Seriously.  Yeah, no kids but I still got this cat,  he’s growing on me.  Slightly.  I ain’t a cat owner tho. I’ve grown to love  this blog, thank you all for reading.  I honestly thought I’d quit by now but I’ve forgotten how therapeutic writing can be.  It was an itch I needed to scratch, who knows I might take things to another level, take on some of these freelance offers, maybe finish one of these books?  Stay tuned.

Who knows what 2013 has in store, my plan going forward is to keep growing, mind, body and soul.  Focusing on me and let the other pieces fall into place.  The career, wife, kids, wealth, network will come along the way, but they are merely pit stops as I’m in pursuit of satisfaction.

Happy New Year



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Today’s Word is… SUMMERTIME

Back to back Jigga vids, I’m not a “stan” tho. I’m not a fan of the summer.  I hate bugs, the heat gives me headaches, I can’t swim, I miss my 501 jeans, and every time you plan something outside it rains.  Only thing good about June is my birthday (shoutout Juneteenth nah mean, team gemini we out here baby, one love *raises BET award*), July is as bland as it gets and August is pretty much the lame opening act to the fall.  If it wasn’t for cookouts and sundresses I would move to Alaska and watch Russia from my house.  Even in school, I wasn’t the kid that had a whole great plan for the summer, I knew I wasn’t doing much different than I did the other 9 months of the year.  Now, in the last weekend of August I look back and see my summer was pretty blah give or take. Although it would’ve been expected since it started off with me getting stood up on my birthday and LeBron James actually winning a title.

So basically allow me to recap my summer in bad luck Brian meme fashion.

Bets on Thunder in 6. Heat wins in 5.

Loses 60 lbs. Loses love.

Falls for new girl. Accepts internship in Thailand.

Goes to see Batman. Sold out.

Does books for struggling company. Sees they can’t afford me.

Starts to follow the Olympics. NBC coverage

Plans trip to Detroit. Cancelled.

Starts blog. Drama ensues.

Hopefully, the fall (my favorite season) brings about better luck.



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