Today’s Word is… DEXIFY

Dexify (v.) – To defend, explain, justify. 

Used in a sentence: Technically, dexify is not a word, but I’m using it anyway and I’m not about to dexify it. 

It really ought to be a word; it’s as prevalent to today’s culture as much as fucking “selfie”.  Social media hasn’t just made us more narcissistic, it’s made us far more defensive than ever. Facebook has become our public relations department. (Quick aside:  the other day my cousin’s girl gave a full statement about his break baby.  His statement: “I’m a dad, again”. #Inwards, man. ) In that regard, I did have some questions and appreciated the answers; but in most cases people are answering questions no one asked.   If you didn’t care what people think and you were”just saying” then why get so defensive after the fact? Notice the loudest people on social media are always the ones claiming they don’t care. The funny part is, no one is even tripping off of them…if a black person votes for Trump and no one is around to argue, does it make a sound?  It doesn’t. So they got to make as many as they can because they need you to know their position while not caring what you think about their position.  So they dexify, unsolicited, to people who aren’t attacking them.  They will not be oppressed or silenced by you, internet. 

             Dexify Power Rankings*

  1. Black men who don’t date black women
  2. All Lives Matter
  3. Minority Trump supporters
  4. Atheists
  5. Shaun King
  6. Hoteps
  7. Millenials
  8. Street harassers
  9. “Single by choice” 
  10. Poor white people who take umbrage with “privilege”
  11. “Celebs” who search their name on twitter
  12. Career woman with broke boyfriend
  13. Blerds
  14. Female sports fans
  15. Black people with family in law enforcement
  16. 30 year olds who still talk about their college
  17. “I don’t get attached to sex” girl
  18. Black women who don’t like Beyoncé 
  19. Lightskinned men
  20. “Down” white guy
  21. 35+ year old twitter users
  22. Adults who still wear “petty” as a badge of honor
  23. Libertarians 
  24. People who saw Birth of a Nation anyway
  25. Vegans
  26. People who eat candy corn
  27. Employed childless black men who still can’t get chose
  28. HBCU grads 
  29. Hypermasculine middle aged black dude
  30. Introverts
  31. People who hate Jordans and iPhones 
  32. Christian homophobes 
  33. #PickMe Twitter
  34. Warrior fans who swear they was down before 2014
  35. Naturalistas from “big chop” to Level 3
  36. Previously problematic male feminists 
  37. Bill Cosby supporters
  38. The ex who still wants to be seen as a nice guy 
  39. “I don’t wear makeup” girl
  40. J. Cole fans

*ranked in order of most likely to defend their existence on social media even though most people aren’t actually attacking them

Honorable Mention: Kanye West, men under 6′, “real hip hop” fans, people waaay too into astrology, all 7 people who learned Luke Cage marries the white woman in the comic

    So why do we feel so compelled to explain and rationalize everything we do now?  It used to be taboo to discuss politics and religion, now it’s fair game.  I long for the days when I would go on Facebook and just see “fuck I’m sooo late for class” now there’s some unsourced meme about how Trump basically said what Beyoncé did, some girl talking about how the world hating on her relationship and a dude with no kids complaining about child support.  Maybe it’s rooted in some insecurity, maybe it’s delusion and people actually feel like it’s their job to change minds and hearts.  Or maybe they just seek attention because that’s what everyone seeks in the age of social media.   Most “slander” is just jokes…you’re not being oppressed, you need to cut it.  



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