Today’s Word is… BUSY


Yeah yeah been a while, guess I’ve been…busy.  Was I really though?  Maybe someone been occupying my time?   Maybe I’m over blogging in general? Oh, so I can tweet 11 hours of football but can’t drop a post?  I used to post every day, even a blurb just to check in.  Now I’m being distant.  You can feel it, my heart is not in it anymore.  You aren’t going to read ever again.  Welp.  Now this is the part where I can apologize…offer some believable reason for my ghosting (I actually did do a post last week and didn’t like it so I skipped a week…for real….man whatever, believe what you wanna believe), make a promise to be better and we can check back in a few weeks when I start acting funny again. You’ll buy it because you aren’t really ready to start reading other people.  All they do is copy content from black twitter or front so hard like people don’t know their real strug life offline.  You just want me to be better, for both our sakes.  I will try.  So crisis averted, for now. 

Cell phones are a gift and a curse in that regard; we are all readily available so much so that it’s apparent when we’re not.  It makes dating crimes such as ghosting completely unacceptable.   It’s hard not to take it personal to send a text that goes unanswered, log on twitter and see them live tweeting Love & Soundcloud Wives of the Potomac.  Read receipts exist because it’s not enough to send a message you need to know that you were ignored.   You speak out against it because you’re out for precedents to represent you, and they will brush it off, apologize and say they been busy.   Why? Because it’s the snooze button on whatever state of the union this is about to turn into.  The sad reality is we don’t necessarily want the truth just a solid lie.  A lie that helps you accept that currently rank below his fantasy football team on his priority list.  The priority argument should really be an ultimatum but most people aren’t prepared to do what needs to be done…you can’t negotiate with a ghost, they know what they are doing already.  

I’ve been on both sides of it; as the one who is “too busy” and the obliviously curved.  As the curved, in hindsight I really reaching for an excuse to further play myself.  Gimme something, school, work, you’re “bad at texting”.  (She was fine tho).   As someone who is too busy….well, God is working on all of us.  I like to think I’m getting better at not wasting either of our time.  It’s perhaps my biggest growth this year. “I just feel like you not that interested…” “you right”.   Or maybe I’m getting bitter in my late 20s, I haven’t decided yet.  


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