Today’s Word is… RIGHT


“You know what your problem is”

(I always think I’m right.  I get that a lot.  At least 3 this year alone.    Maybe there’s something to it.  I don’t know if I agree.  Or is this me trying to be right again? Shut up.)

“You always got to be right”

(See, I knew it)

Conventional wisdom says, pick your battles, know when to hold em know when to fold em all that jazz.   Conflicts are to be expected, but how one is handled is the difference between #relationshipgoals and #foreveralone.  A struggle I have, admittedly, is not so much picking battles but understanding every battle doesn’t need to be won.  Its a struggle we all have really, we’re conditioned to defend ourselves mercilessly, in service roles its taught that the customers are always right (they aren’t,  like ever, also this is why I don’t work in service…I can’t take a stranger popping off to me any ol type of way because they probably make less than me at their job).  Being right all the time doesn’t just come off as stubbornness but dominance.  Why even address issues when you know they are just going to talk their way out of it/or are so stubborn that even if you are right, it’ll go unacknowledged.  Arguments become about wins and losses and not about the mutual understanding that is ought to.

I’d like to think that I’m open minded and accountable.  I think a lot about the things I say before I say it, especially in text, but its also a double edged sword.  After I’ve thought deeply, prayed, sought advisement on something,  it only makes it that much harder to set it aside because I know I’m right.  Its not that I don’t see the other side of things, its that I did see it and I KNOW its wrong.  But “why can’t youbjust see things my way” can turn into “why they ain’t returning my calls” real quick. So deference is necessary.  No one wants to lose all the time.  Except the Sixers.

No one wants to lose ever, really.  Just as I said earlier I can’t work in service, I’m also the customer who will read you for filth if I want something. (Only in live chat tho, I’m not trying to argue on the phone for hours…you can catch these Twitter fingers tho).  Just as I can view my own hypocrisy there, I can recognize that I’m really not trying to deal with someone who gotta be right all the time.  Its why I clash with people who are a lot like me.  Like this one girl who had the audamndacity to (redacted). When you’re just trying to flat out rationalize fuckshit,  clearly this isn’t about a mutual understanding anymore its about not being wrong. 

Ultimately,  sometimes its as simple as, you want to be right or be happy.  You proved your point…but now you embarrassed them.  You proved your point…but violated trust in the process.  You proved your point…but now they just go to someone else with their problems.   Ain’t no award for that.  Just hurt feelings and ego boosts.  Being right just ain’t worth it sometimes,  just ask Meek Mill.


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