Today’s Word is… SLEEP


“So what you up to”

“Just out with the ladies, actually around your neck of the woods….”

“How about you”

“I’m just home, chilling watching a movie”

“You gonna be busy later”

“Doubt it, why”

“I was gonna stop by…”

Now at this point I’m hitting my dougie, sprucing up the crib, the usual houseguest protocol.  She said she was gonna slide off a lil early be there round 1. I finish my movie, watching something on TV, its about 1:25, no biggity no doubt, I call her she like yada yada yada she still coming, ok cool.  I look at the clock its about 6 am, 5 missed calls, 4 knocks on the door, 3 question marks, 2 expletives and one pissed off salted shorty. Apparently, I dozed off….at 1:28.  I literally hung up and I was down for the count, lights out ninjaaaa.  I then knew what I had to do….go back to sleep its only 6am yo.

You see, I’m about my sleep.  I don’t have children yet, I’m not in college anymore, there’s literally no legit reason for me not to get my 7-8 hours.  I never been a big napper, I can’t see myself just sleeping in the middle of the day for no reason unless I’m sick.  I rather have a full nights sleep. Friends and family will joke call me grandpa, whatever let me rest.  I’m not the boyfriend who is about to sit up in bed arguing, I’ll get back to you on the next business day. (okay this is like 7% effective, cuz women)  I can’t rock with those “grinders” who swear insomnia will make them rich, Lord willing, the world will be there to conquer tomorrow but for now I’m gon throw some Z’s on this bitch.


We’re a hyperactive society.  The CDC says about 41 million Americans get about 6 hours of sleep, that’s 13% of the country (pretty sure that’s correct, too lazy to research, this is the internet just take my word for it).  We’re overcaffeinated and underrested.  Not to get on a soapbox about health because, well I’m far from the hero Gotham needs in that department but its interesting that we go so far to avoid something so simple and benefitial to us.  There’s plenty of reasons people just don’t sleep but a lot of it comes down to stress and distractions; two things I actively try to avoid in my life.

I’m the dude who will turn off my phone mid fight, I’m adament in not investing more than 40 hours in a company and a brand that is not my own, my bills and rent are set on automatic, and any other concerns going to be there tomorrow anyway, so why lose sleep over them tonight.  Of course this is all easier said than done; sometimes that subliminal post touches a nerve, she’s actually there and you cant ignore her, or you cant be laissez faire on an issue and have to get it done, or you’re just really drunk and cant sleep.

They say nothing good happens after a certain time of night.  They be lying tho.  I’ve missed my fair share of moments like #thelob, a few stories I can’t repeat, and times I’ve broken my self assigned bedtime and it was well worth it (other times not so much).  I don’t always remember my dreams but I enjoy them (and be having deja vus out the ass, maybe I’m a medium or something) but I never wake up with a regret over what I potentially missed.   It’ll be waiting for me tomorrow, and knock on wood I’ll be there as well; but in the meantime, let a nigga sleep!



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2 responses to “Today’s Word is… SLEEP

  1. Agnes

    I enjoyed reading this. lol. Love your witty sarcasm.

  2. Amy Juicebox

    I looooooove sleep. I love naps. but I also do my best work in the evening (heh) and if I’m doing something I really enjoy – time gets away from me and then it’s 2am.

    That being said if your offer is received after midnight – chances are I’m saying no right away. Being a girl/living solo – I’ve had way too many of them and well…sometimes sleep trump sex. Lol.


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