Today’s Word is… HEATHEN

[Editors Note: Yeah I know, religion….treading lightly tho]


So boy meets girl, girl is nice, boy asks girl out, date is nice, girl suggests boy to come to her church, boy is like, sure, girl is like so see you Sunday? Boy is like umm, sure?  Boy spends a week on vacation with liquor fueled debauchery completely forgets about this agreement until waking up Sunday afternoon with a very upset girl.  Boy should apologize, make amends, but week filled with liquor fueled debauchery. Boy should be better, God ain’t thru with boy yet. 

Now, I luh God. Do you luh God? What’s wrong with you?  Ironically enough, I had attended a funeral recently and the sermon brought me peace about a few things and I thought, I need to find a church. (Then he went on a 15 minute tangent telling kids to get off his lawn and I thought, eh maybe somewhere I can attend monthly) Baby steps and all that.  So when I met girl (um lets just call her Mary), I represented myself as a man of faith, which I don’t think is necessarily deceitful.  I’m a God fearing man, just not a big church goer.  Mary’s invitation definitely caught me off guard, was this all just a recruiting pitch or maybe she just wanted me to share this part of her life if this was going to become a thing.  Her friends and  family would be there…I mean we had a few calls and lunch, maybe I did get a little shook.  However, it make me think about my dating history in general and how much religion plays a role, if at all.

With my ex, she was Catholic (same difference…but hey I’m no expert) I attended mass with her family, she attended church with mine.  (She did get me rosary beads…but again, same difference).  I’ve dated women who were agnostic but played the role at family functions…never an atheist (cuz the ones I know are fairly pretentious, no one cares about your fake deep Facebook statuses you sound like a single person on Valentine’s Day).  Other Christian women it was just what was understood needn’t be explained, some were churchgoers, I wasn’t there was never any pressure for me to, just some strong suggestion and open invitations.  (Oh and there was the super religious homophobic girl…I gotta find a reason to tell that story one day).  I guess there’s always been a separation of church and bae.  Mary was the first one who called my bluff, so to speak, and I folded. Was it too forward or is it I’m really not bout that life?

A few years ago I wrote about why I, and seemingly most men under 35 I know don’t attend church.  (Actually I think I’ll repost for context after this).  Even then I copped to the fact that my excuses weren’t really excuses and I could if I wanted to and still here I am, still not going.  I also don’t read enough, eat better and to bring this full circle, date women I claim I want. (Mary was a little TOO upset, so this will probably be the last time you hear of Mary).    So maybe I’m full of shit.  Or just lost. Pray for me.



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