Today’s Word is… INFJ


Yeah technically not a word…but I pay bills here so, you will deal.  

So you know I’m not big into astrology.  It’s kinda cool to think about but I don’t assign much credence to it.  What I place a bit more stock in is the Meyers Brigg personality test.  (If you’ve never taken one, theres a good on over on…..dont go right now; you’re in the middle of reading something, rude ass) So, according to the test I’m an INFJ personality type: Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging….apparently it’s one of the rarer ones, I take it to mean I’m doper than most.  In layman’s terms, it’s the quiet extrovert…I take a bit to adapt and adjust to my environments and get comfortable. People who I’m comfortable around see one side or me, the rest see the other (I’m typically the boyfriend who all her friends and family think I’m so quiet and nice and she’s like, Tristan? Psssh).  I say that to say, when you mix this steelo with this negro, you wind up with an unique person to deal with sometimes.  I stand in that truth (INFJs are very self aware and shit) but I don’t necessarily think INFJs are that tough to crack, there’s just some things you need to know…

1. We project, a lot: and people really hate it.  I’m typically “this won’t work” guy and armed with no actual proof other than I’m typically right about these things, it doesn’t go over well.  No one wants to be told they’re going to catch feelings, end up like their sister, be back in a few months…it’s arrogant. And so I’ve learned to sit back and wait to be proven right. Still arrogant. But less offensive.

2.  We explain ourselves, a lot: *ignores irony of this post explaining myself which was sparked by me explaining myself to someone*

3. We switch up, a lot: One day I’m just at the bar, on my phone babysitting a drink. Another, I’m on the stage hyping up everyone  (thats a storytime for another day…or not).  One day I’m all over you, the next I’m reading a book with headphones in.  (Damn I’m really confusing)

4. We create, a lot- We’re creatives at heart, but bills.  I chose business school over art school, my career over writing full time.  They say INFJs are best suited for jobs without a lot of supervision (which I have) but help people (eh, I try).  

5. We cape, a lot: *skims dating history* Let’s just say, I’ve been open minded, while being perfectly aware that eventually I would outgrow them, cuz see #1.

6. We read into things, a lot: I’m offended more by the little things, a funny look, a backhanded comment, insocuiant mannerisms moreso than arguments.   We’re also hypocrites because we’re very passive and snarky. 

7. We need signals, a lot: Well not a lot, but I have a theme going.   I have no issue approaching people, making the first move, I’m just leery of being pushy.  I don’t need you to take the ball out my hands (Actually, please don’t…I’m not that shy, I’m just not that interested) just give me enough reason to believe I’m not wasting my time

8. We assume you get it, a lot: after all the explaining, there comes a point where INFJs think you should know better.  Things that seem so simple to us, should be simple to everyone.  Except we’re weirdos, so you don’t.  (Now I think about it I wonder if Kanye is an INFJ….nah, not empathetic enough.)

9. We guard, a lot: INFJs give just enough to not seem dead inside but not much more.  To this day, I don’t know anyone who knows me fully (hmmm actually, maybe one…)

10. We hold grudges, a lot: A bit unfair to say it’s a grudge as much as its, you fucked up, I believe you’re more likely to do so again, therefore I’m going to act accordingly….okay maybe that is holding a grudge.

So I mean sure, we’re a little sensitive about things we turn around and do to others, we seldom budge from the assumptions we already made about you, go out our way to show how well we understand YOU yet revel in being vague and ambiguous, distant, nitpicky, are aware we make up 1% of the population therefore feel you aren’t equipped to understand us…but I mean when you get past all of that. We’re perfect partners.  So don’t let the stressing block your blessing, love us and shit.



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5 responses to “Today’s Word is… INFJ

  1. As a fellow INFJ, I concur!!

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  3. siante

    wow, I know a few INFJ’s & this all makes sense- I couldn’t imagine if two infj’s were dating each other— it’d probably be Armageddon levels of disaster.

  4. I have to be very careful with hope. If I allow it, it can turn into delusional fantasy. I think there can be rational hope, but I m still struggling to master it.

  5. I’m an INFJ and I agree with all of these points. We’re a funny bunch, aren’t we?

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