Today’s Word is… INTEREST

[A throwback with some updates for the 9-9 and the 2016…]

“How long they choose to love you will never be your decision” – A.D. Graham

Interest is piqued then it’s peaked and it’s all downhill from there. I can be really into someone and then just stop caring, nothing personal. That’s just the way love goes, word to Janet. Unless you’re really oblivious, you see the writing on the wall and the ball is in your court to either try and rekindle the flame or try your luck elsewhere. People lose interest for plenty of reasons, some are your fault most aren’t. Interest is one of those things that you really have no domain over, you can just chalk it up to the serenity prayer or you could drive yourself crazy thinking of all 100 reasons someone loses interest in you. Seeing as I’m about 1/2 crazy I should be able to come up with 50 right? [I’m now about 3/4 there so, lets try and do 75]do I have to say this list is in no particular order and not reasons I WOULD lose interest, okay, this list is in no particular order and not reasons I WOULD lose interest. [Okay these first 25…might be based on true stories]

So 50 75 reasons someone loses interest in you…

75. They are an adamant Bill Cosby truther
74. You ask them what they like to read and it’s Zane and Dicked
73. They get you into a show and as the show gets worse the less you like them
72. They are dating their friend and don’t even realize it
71. They instagram every part of their date except you
70. Their groupme disapproves and is peer pressuring the curve
69. They are passionate about something they suck at and you can’t break it to them
68. They decided to “come out the closet” as an athiest on Facebook
67. They put ketchup on eggs
66. They send recycled pictures
65. They think the Earth is flat
64. They get super drunk in front of your friends and start twerking at the kickback
63. They own a hoverboard nigga segway that people call hover boards even though they don’t actually hover
62. They misspell a lot and never correct it
61. They call and never have much to say
60. They are way too thirsty that it’s uncomfortable
59. They get a septum piercing
58. They talk about how much of of a good person they are
57. They aren’t ready for a relationship but down to do everything couples do
56. Their ex is still the homie
55. Their snapchats don’t match their pictures
54. They like coconut water
53. They are always sharing a story that doesn’t interest you
52. They send like 4 messages at a time, like every time.
51. They appear to have no standards
50. You are fans of rival teams and don’t know how to do playful banter
49. They really just wanted to date for a bit
48. Abandonment issues
47. You’re way too opinionated, sometimes its JUST a TV show get off the soapbox
46. You wore out your welcome at their house
45. Can’t take a joke or understand fluent sarcasm
44. They lied about things early and more time passes, more its going to look bad to get caught
43. They just can’t respect your job/career…Hi Party Promoters
41. You made a drastic appearance change
40. They seen you drunk
39. You’re too much of an ass kisser
38. You crossed the line from open/freaky to just gross/sick
37. You knowingly/unknowingly smashed a homie
36. They couldn’t take you serious enough
35. They legit had no idea you were into them
34. They just didn’t feel appreciated
33. It’s been months and they haven’t seen you without a hat(m)/leggings(f)
32. You already too happy with the pet names
31. You follow too many rules/laws you read on blogs
30. You’re a bandwagon fan, that shows you’re lack of loyalty
29. You don’t have any talents worth bragging about to their friends, no thats not what I meant…yet.
28. They don’t have a masters in Family Psychology, accept the consoling and stop asking for advice
27. You’re a boring texter; send a pic, a Stan of Few Words post you found hilarious, something conversational
24. They got your Netflix password so they don’t necessarily need you anymore
23. They pretended to like your favorite show and can’t stand watching it
22. Holidays are coming and they really aint trying to buy shit but Secret Santa gifts
21. You put them on a pedestal they know they can’t match
20. None of their friends secretly want to smash you
19. The person they were going to replace with you got their act together, mometarily.
18. All your conversations feel like interviews
17. They just really can’t afford to date you right now
16. Yes money doesn’t matter but who doesn’t want to impress
15. A red flag bothers them more than they thought it would
14. They just really rather have you as a friend
14. You done put on some pounds, or lost too many
13. You aren’t dating anyone else, they don’t want to be the default S/O
12. You’re into crappy music and it makes drives horrible
11. You can’t cook
10. They really don’t like your friends
09. They don’t see a future with you
08. They know you’re not going anywhere if they change their mind
07. You’re playing it too safe, start an argument or something
06. Your car/crib is filthy…take pride in your shit
05. You’re not as over your ex as you think, and they know it
04. They really just love the honeymoon period when all their stories are new and jokes are funny
03. You’re opposed to oral
02. Too much of a prude, if you’re waiting at least tease and arouse
01. Gave it up Too easy, now they can never take you seriously

Or you can straight up ask them what went wrong…maybe they’ll answer or they’ll just ignore you further assure nothing is wrong, ignore you some more and then when you express how you feel they will not get an iota of a fuck. Or maybe that’s just me. Whatever.


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