Today’s Word is… MASCULINE


I like sports. I like women. I like beer. I like bacon. (Not that much but Im going somewhere with this) I own several suits.  My voice is deep and confident.  I’m a traditionalist.  I fix things. I kill spiders. I walk on the curbside of the street. 

I’m still developing a taste for brown liquor.  I don’t really know shit about cars.  I prefer cats to dogs. I have both ears pierced.  I have a bunch of skin care products. I don’t know shit about cars. I prefer R&B to hip hop.  I enjoy a good rom com.  I have several healthy friendships with women I’m not fucking or trying to.  I know how to cook more things than breakfast and spaghetti.  I have spaces such as this one where I’m able to be open and vulnerable….and I’ll still pull your auntie. I’ll still kick your ass.  Even writing this post, I caught myself falling into that trap; reaffirming my own masculinity with violence,  or sexual prowess (I could put money there as well, but broke phi broke). 

That’s just how men typically are wired, to propound, profess, protect. To hold on to their masculinity and what it represents, power, dominance, strength….even as society evolves and it ain’t that deep, bruh.  It’s an evolution that I see in myself, where a younger me might’ve punched you in the mouth for disrespect, while now I can’t help but laugh at grown ass men fighting for respect.  For who, for what?  A younger me felt pressured to chase every skirt, knock every one out the park…be a man.  Now, I’m more about using discretion and not falling into that me man, me think with other head barbarian logic.  It’s freeing to just live my life without pressure of fitting into a certain mold.  Because frankly, black masculinity can be exhausting sometimes. 

Brothers can’t dance, smile, dye their hair, dress a certain way, cry, like certain things, not be into others, it all just means they’re gay.   I don’t know if Odell Beckham Jr, Jaden Smith, or  Young Thug are gay;  don’t give a fuck really, but they can’t just be…them.  Homosexuality gives credence to femininity which makes it easier to process.  If OBJ is homosexual, I hope he never comes out just to keep people confused and Mediatakeout trying to piece together a puzzle they should’ve never started in the first place.  Young Thug was engaged, David Bowie (RIP) had the baddest in the game, Prince could pull a homophobe and his wife if he was bored enough.  There’s something I just find fascinating about it all, even if a pink dress shirt and a limearita is as close to the edge I’ll ever be, or even want to be really.  Blonde twistouts, lace manties  (yes that’s a thing apparently), and dresses aren’t for me, but if that’s how these new breeds kicking it these days, jah bless.  


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  1. My pops was much older than most of my friends dads but never verbally instilled any hardcore “be a man” tropes. I honestly just walked away with take care of your family, don’t hit women, and don’t whine. The rest just filled itself in.

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