Today’s Word is… GEEK

Geek is in! Blerd Lines…I know you want it. Dork is the new black. So they say.  It’s something I never really could bring myself to get behind; because frankly, as a black man, I’m quite used to mainstream culture cherry picking aspects of my culture and then saying THIS is in.  In a way, that’s what I feel about this rise of the geeky culture today.  Geek isn’t necessarily in, girls aren’t checking for Urkel, they are checking for the same types of guys they’ve always been who dress like Andre 3000.  Game of Thrones is a big budget television show, no one cares about the books and who read them (seriously no one cares “But in the books” guy, you are the worst type of person, I don’t want to hear your spoilers, or your scoffs at every deviation, go away).  Comic book movies are blockbuster films, enjoying them doesn’t make you more a comic fan than Terminator 2 made you into robotics.  While I would consider myself a geek moreorless, I never really cared to wear it as a badge of honor, I have plenty of interests some are just more common than others.  When people cry and plain over not being accepted because they were just too nerdy, I can’t help but roll my eyes.  I’m not saying everyone’s life is the same, what I can say is that I didn’t attend high school in a John Hughes movie; I wasn’t popular but I wasn’t detested either. I went to school, got good grades, hung around other equally smart and unpopular kids.  Life really wasn’t as hard as 2009 Childish Gambino would lead you to believe.

I Guess.

What perhaps annoys me more than grown men still crying about how they weren’t cool enough in high school, is this idea of sapiosexuality. (sees red line, sighs and add this dumb ass term to dictionary).  Plenty of women find intelligence attractive, but never not once have I got play because my vast knowledge on the Reconstruction Era or the rise and fall of the Shi’ar Empire (before you google that’s not a thing, it’s a storyline from X-Men).  My vocabulary has been acknowledged, but I’m also an attractive man.  (Ain’t no diffidence biiiiiiih) (I need to stop doing that) (Probably won’t tho) Women calling themselves sapiosexuals has become relatively popular in online dating, as it’s become a thinly veiled way to say “oh I like men who have shit to talk about that isn’t my breasts”.  Purport yourself as a sapiosexual if you wish, but in reality all that solicits is pretentious bore who uses unnecessarily large words, cites dissertations in casual conversation, and only speaks on sex as it refers to a disquisition of the female anatomy. That’s hot, or something.  I’m highly erudite, but even I wouldn’t ever consider myself a sapiosexual. I do prefer a woman who matches my intellect (not being chauvinistic, but I have yet to date a woman who was smarter than me…actually it’d be a refreshing change of pace…maybe I need to post up by the Petroski section of Barnes & Noble), however intellect itself is relative, we pick and choose what makes you smart for knowing.  We laud those who might know a bunch on literature but don’t give that same respect to a mechanic.  So when people think of themselves of sapiosexuals, they are typically thinking of certain intellectual types when really there’s a guy who can break down Spider-Man or baseball with that same level of knowledge and passion but to bring this all full circle; women don’t like geeks, they like characteristics of them.

World of Warcraft guy still isn’t popular, what is popular is playing an MMORPG on your phone trying to rebuild Springfield or create a farm or whatever new concept for the same damn game is out these days (if you can’t tell I abhor those games).  Comic-Con isn’t what it is because of your cosplay, people are there for the trailers and news.  Would you really want to talk to Mark Zuckerburg not about how to get rich or networking, just like, a tv show?  Doubt it.    I say this as someone one may call a geek, no one cares, B.  If sapiosexuals were real, I could make a profile full of quotes, and interests no picture and fluorish (maybe I’ll try that… I wont I dont care enough).  I work in accounting with math majors, sure they know how certain applications work but I know the application and we do the same job.  Thems the breaks. No one cares if you liked a character before they got a movie, no one cares if the book was better.  Liking some previously geeky shit that’s cool now doesn’t make you a geek, doing the cool shit when it was still geeky doesn’t make you special. Now shut up and watch a billionaire vigilante fight a flying alien.


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