Today’s Word is… LEAGUE


Can I sound full of it for a second? I think I’m a good looking dude; symmetrical face, straight white teeth, melanin on fleek, hairline isn’t doing the cha cha slide.  I mean sure I wish I was little bit taller, wish I was a baller, but I understand that I’m not everyone’s type.  At the very least, I don’t think a woman would see me and say ewww. Well, I hope not.  (Then again, my last two instagram selfies flopped like a Johnny Depp movie. Maybe I am ugly, whatever.)  When it comes to meeting women, I know my strengths and weaknesses.  I’ve spoken before how I don’t feel like I’m ideal for online dating.  I’m more charming than striking and it’s harder to convey that with a head shot and talking about my favorite books.  I feel like I could probably write the hell out of a personal ad though, too bad those are for serial killers and women born before 1975.  I’m not really a club dude, I’m not about to yell in your ear.  A quiet, social setting where I can make small talk and people watch, that’s my bread and butter.  As for the women I approach, again, I’m very meticulous, maybe to a fault. I tend to go for the one girl who’s more quiet than me, pretty but demure, polite so she’s more likely to humor me than be like “boy bye”.  I say all that to say, I ain’t in this to be getting shot down.  You can go after the baddest chick in the place, I’m going to her homegirl who probably got dragged out tonight and we going to have a nice conversation about how you probably have no chance with her.

I don’t believe in “leagues” per se, well at least in looks. Everyone’s attractive to someone or at least a fetish (Kidding, mostly). Anytime I think about someone “out of my league” I think they might be looking for a little more than I am willing to have to give. A kid with a 2.4 GPA would be remiss to apply at Harvard, it’s not impossible, but those efforts would be best used elsewhere. I think that’s where I feel leagues have a place, just having reasonable expectations. Not necessarily psyching yourself out of trying, but use common sense. Otherwise, you end up on Catfish completely befuddled that the model you met online who you only text and fell in love with in 2 weeks isn’t the person in the picture.

Sure, I outkicked my coverage, women way better looking, women with money, way more morally righteous. Some outkicked their coverage on me, I’ve been captain save em or just liked who liked me. Dating “up” or “down”, while it may work for some people but I like someone who at least averages out to be my equal. I rather be a cute couple than it being painfully obvious that one of us can and should do so much better. I want us to both feel like we’re winning, both feel secure because reassurance is important but there’s something to just being self aware that we just…fit. Well at least until I get too comfortable, get fat, lose my hair and she is 42 still looking 24, cuz black don’t crack. #Relationshipgoals.


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