Today’s Word is… AFTER


I don’t talk about sex a lot here.  Well,  for one I think when men write about sex it can go way left real quick.  You can come off as over compensating or just plain ol lame.  The other reason is outside of my core 5 readers,  there’s a 6th alternate, who I’m probably having sex with or at least trying to.  Not long after finding out about the blog will go back and read the blog.  So, hey sweetie.  Anyway, when you’re single (or even when you’re not) there’s always that moment when you realize you slept with someone you probably shouldn’t have.  Whether it’s an ex, someone you barely know, or someone you know you aren’t that interested in but I mean it’s like right there, on a platter,  #thelob is just sailing through the air and you’re in mid flight and the flesh is weak.  And well, even though one knows to use discretion; shit happens. Then after you’ve satisfied this craving,  you’re left with the 50 Thoughts you probably have after having sex with someone you probably shouldn’t have had sex with. (This may or may not have happened. Last week or 6 years ago, I’ll never tell)

1. Good game,  good game.

2. You see her stumble when she got up,  you the man yo

3. I needed that

4. I can’t believe I felt for that,  am I really that easy

5. She knew what this was…. I think.

6. I knocked that out the park,  I gotta be top 5

7. *sorts through personal top 5*

8. *gets lost in thought about the best ever*

9. Wonder what she up to?

10. Are you really doing this now?  You just had sex like 5 minutes ago

11. Round 2 sponsored by whatshername

*cue Paul McCartney whistle solo from All Day*

12. I’m a horrible person.

13. Listen to them snores, again you the man yo

14. Why do women pretend they don’t be snoring

15. I don’t think I’ve met a large breasted woman who didn’t snore

16.  There’s probably a connection there,  I should look that up later

17. I hope she has plans tomorrow morning

18. (See #12)

19. Snores aside,  she’s cute when she sleeps

20. I could have this everyday if I wanted

21. *remembers why I can’t or shouldn’t want to*

22. Yet I just slept with this person,  what is wrong with me

23. Nothing changes here,  right?

24.  Thinking about it she nestles right outside the top 5

25. (See #18)

26. I wonder how many calories I burned

27. I don’t even sweat this much when I jog

28. I wonder if I’d be in better shape if I just got to do this more

29. I wonder if I’d get to do this more if I was in better shape

30. So do I tell, ________ ,  we not together but still

31. Meh,  I rather not.  Why mess up a potential good thing over a bad one

32. Nope,  I will not #25 that. 

33. Roles reversed,  would I want to know?

34. Heh, maybe.

35. I should call her…

36. Are you really doing this now? You just had sex like 10 minutes ago.

37. Has it only been 10 minutes? (that’s not what she said..*rim shot*) 

38. Maybe I shouldn’t do this again, never been a FWB guy

39. Is there a way to say, “I don’t think you can handle this” without sounding pretentious?

40. No. No, there isn’t.

41. Why is it when you tell someone you don’t think they can do something they just accept it as a challenge

42. How about, I can’t handle this…the guilt and whatnot

43. Kinda pretentious. Maybe I should just sleep on it.

44.  This best part of waking up…

45. (See #25)

46. I need to get away from this woman because I have no self control

47. Her phone was going off all night,  I hope it wasn’t some emergency

48.  Boyfriend……oh yeah,  forgot about that.

49. This definitely needs to never happen again… # minus well get one of the road?

50. (see #45)


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