Today’s Word is… HAPPY

Hi.  Been a while.


2014 was a year of struggle, stress, heartbreak, loss, powerlessness.  Sure I had good moments, met some amazing people, reconnected with others, made a little more money but looking back 2014 was the year I held in a lot.  Anger, resentment, jealousy, bitterness….it was exhausting.  I have but one resolution in the twenty fifteen.  Be happy.  Control what I can, which is my own sanity and satisfaction.  At the end of the year I want to look back at the things that upset me and at least be able to say I did my best to avoid it.  So how does one go about being a happier person? Channel your inner Kanye.  That inner monologue that tells you you’re better at everything, happiness starts within. For me, I have plenty of ways I’m going to be a happier person (named after Kanye songs, cuz why not)

Say you Will- It starts with a commitment.  Easier said than done because annoyances happen but just as something can ruin my day, surely a pleasantry can make it

Why I Love You- Appreciate loved ones.  Like the first point too much is spent on the negative. I look at my recent texts and the most active threads were because of arguments when that time and unproductive work time can be spent on one who won’t upset me

I’m in it- Obviously.  Also proved by science.

Clique- I need to be more sociable, spend more time with friends instead of my social life being primarily based off my dating life

Workout Plan- Relieve stress, lose some weight, get out the house…wins all around right

Hell of a Life- My life is more interesting than I give it credit for sometimes, I’ve accomplished things, had a fair share of wild nights, and I still have time for more adventures speaking of…

Runaway- I need to travel more.  I focus on lofty trips like 3 weeks in Paris when I could easily spend a couple hundred to spend a weekend elsewhere

Blame Game- the title kinda a stretch but basically, forgive people.  I hold grudges (cuz petty) but in the end its just not worth the energy.

Drive Slow- or walk.  Just getting some air and no more working through lunch

All Falls Down– Have failsafes in place, rainy day funds, reliable support people, because what’s happiness without peace of mind.  One lesson learned in 2014 was that I didn’t really have the support I thought I did, so now I must do better

H*A*M- cuz some people just need to get cussed out.  It feels good, like saying Mufasa.

New Day- start each day not fretting on the last one.  

Then there’s others I couldn’t fit into the song theme, selfless acts, compliment people, devote more time to hobbies, block more people on Twitter get a full nights sleep, fuck Jordans get decor, avoid negative people, laugh more, try to learn something new, stop watching the Celtics they’re depressing, drink less alcohol, don’t date Deltas, go out at least a weekend a month, stop comparing myself to others (unless I’m flexing on them…kidding, slightly), and overall just focus on being happy.  2015: the year of the smile.


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