Today’s Word is… CUFF


Cuffing season is upon us.  The time when you start getting less “where the wave at” texts from your homies, and more “I been thinking about you” texts from your exes.  The weather gets colder, TV gets good; tis the season to get chose.  But a season can’t truly be kicked off without predictions (sure to be wrong). 


You’re much more likely to meet someone at the grocery store, gym or cafe.

Its just not going to work with that followed you’re DMing.

Quirky is the new hot

Instagram is like for narcissists, buyer beware.

Dogs are the best wingmen you can have

Your ex hasn’t changed.  They haven’t.

Online dating will only work in major metropolitan cities

Whether one calls or texts will lend no credence to how they feel

There’s someone you don’t know yet but sees you regularly, do something different and get their attention.

Wednesday night is the perfect night for a date

If every third sentence is an innuendo, take the hint

Late subways, long lines, you’ll be surprised how common aggravations unite people

“Thick girls are made for cuddling” – A.L. Benjamin.  Still true.

A dope graphic tee is the best icebreaker you can have

You won’t be the only one until you ask to be

They’re not your ex.  They’ll never be your ex.

If you meet a guy on a dating site; they probably have an offline girlfriend

If you meet a woman on a dating site; they want a relationship, not you

Its 2014, no one loses numbers anymore.  Respond to their “who’s this” with a “never mind” and watch how quickly their memory jogs.

Men don’t mind being asked out too.

Most breakups happen on a Monday, I just found that interesting.

Most relationships are made or broken in 4-5 months, if you start now you can clinch a Thanksgiving playoff berth, a thoughtful Christmas gift and might even have make it to Valentines Day.  And then you mourn the breakup for a bit and youre back at it in the spring.  Ridiculous, perhaps. But hey, people seem to ride with it. And to those I say, Happy hunting.



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2 responses to “Today’s Word is… CUFF

  1. iamsunnyd

    I actually got cuffed this season….lol… surprised me and quite a few others. LOL been living single for a good amount of time. LOL…. started feeling like Pam

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