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Today’s Word is… ANNOYANCES


Lowkey, im kinda impressed by the creativity

So on Twitter, there was the 48295th debate on men’s basketball shorts and the women who long to steal them.  It’s a popular topic amongst Twitter folks primarily because its a playful fight between sexes that can never quite go left.  Personally, I’m petty you start touching my stuff, I’m touching yours.

*Looks at cabinet full of Tupperware he never bought*

“Stealing” is just one of those relationship quirks you really don’t think about until the glow of newness starts to fade then it gets flat out annoying.  You used to love when she ate off your plate and she did a little dance as she chewed because apparently she’s 5, then after a few fights, you know what, no one told your ass to order a salad.  I knew it was the beginning of the end of a relationship when we were arguing about whose carmex it was (it was mine tho).  In the honeymoon phase things of the sort are cute, but then as time passes…..eh, not so much.

This blog is kinda like one of my “quirks”, I write about my life and people in it to strangers.  When I first tell women I write, they love SFW, will read every post….then it becomes “oh, so you buying chicks drinks now?” “Was that about me” “I didn’t know you still talked to her” and ultimately “I can’t read anymore because something is going to piss me off”.  I go from witty to an asshole, real quick, real quick whole squad on that real sh t. I’ve gone from homebody to loser, stocky to fat, frugal to broke, flirt to disrespectful.  Can’t argue too much because in that same vein there’s plenty of things I tolerated  that got real old once the shine wore off.  Like stealing basketball shorts. And food. And carmex. And that $10 laying around the house you know you drop

TV habits- I don’t watch much TV, I have a few shows I like and otherwise its Sports, News and Documentaries.  Then you start dating and you see there’s 284 reality shows about some women who used to date someone who used to be famous, wedding cakes, and teen mothers

You don’t have the answers Sway- Theres problems and there’s solutions, its why I work in Finance the numbers add up or they don’t.  So when someone vents to me with problems, I propose a solution, and apparently that’s never allowed. I’m supposed to just listen to rants about that homegirl you choose to hang with

Self depreciation- We are all modest at times but after a while I’m gonna need you to accept a damn compliment, or stop talking about the 50leven flaws I either don’t see or don’t care about.

Jealousy- Is cute for all of 15 minutes. 

Let that hurt go- We all end up single because someone broke our hearts or someone didn’t want us.  If its been an extended amount of time and you’re still talking about your ex, guess who no longer cares.

Crying- People underestimate how awkward it is to be around someone crying when you’re not. 

People are annoying.  We know this.  I’m sarcastic, will be all over you and be annoyed by your presence in the same day, I correct people a lot, I don’t like nice things, I’m aloof at random times, I’m the pickiest eater ever, I’m arrogant, and I can make a woman fall in love and break her heart at the same damn time (I did a poll and they are all wrong). Part of what makes love what it is, is that we know this person is an annoying, nagging thief and we wouldn’t have them any other way.




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