Today’s Word is… PETTY


I’m a writer, or well I play one on PC.  In this past 2 decades, I’ve honed this skill of transcribing my thoughts to words for others to read and enjoy.  When I do talk about my life or others in it, I feel I’m able to remove personal biases to tell the story on a macro level.  I can turn a chance encounter into a story, a fight into a dialogue, I does this shit.  I say all that to say this.   Don’t subtweet me.  It’s literally the most annoying thing ever to see a subtweet/post about you and they do not have the aptitude to tell their story covertly so basically you just telling a whole bunch of people our business.   There’s a contradistinction between me getting stood up and tweeting a discourse on respecting one’s time and a counter of “ugh he gets on my nerves”.  Its write privilege, I’m better at this then you

An old post I found, I have no idea where I would’ve gone with that, or who set me off.  I used contradistinction in a sentence. (A word that could double as a 80s action film or a 2010s Tom Cruise flop) It’s typical pissed me; a blend of petty and angry.  I think my petty and anger are at a fair balance. (Petty people love to accept just enough shame that they appear contrite.)  Yes, I’m probably way too sarcastic, but I’m not going Incredible Hulk at every bad break. (See.) I don’t necessarily like to be angry at all, I rather laugh. I don’t like to argue, I’ll most likely find something to mock and make fun of you until I feel better.  I think that’s a better alternative than anger (But studies say passive aggression is worse than anger.)  I wouldn’t know I dropped a psychology class because the book and supplies cost way too much for an elective. (also said “this some bullshit” and walked out mid class, cuz petty. This was 15 minutes into the first day)  God ain’t thru with me yet. 

We all teeter the petty/angry scale. (Petty people always try to qualify things by mentioning everybody.) More towards petty because society by and large frowns upon anger (especially if you’re black).  From childhood its taught that good is being quiet, good is never challenging the norm (especially if you’re black).  Anger makes people uncomfortable (especially if you’re black), so we cope through alternative, more covert methods like jokes and petty revenge, i.e. subtweets.  People aren’t comfortable with assertiveness on either side either, so again they defer to petty. Most of us can’t tell off our boss (especially if you’re black) but we will call out via email and block their number for the day, or when you’re denied a promotion use back channels and a few murders to take HIS job even if it is the President of the United States (its been 7 months spoil deez).  We don’t have time to argue with customer service but we will hop on Yelp and give a piece of mind.  We tire of arguing with significant others so then its silent treatment and sleeping on the couch.  Or its long winded “I’m gonna get the last word” messages, ignored calls, and of course subliminal messages on social media (or blog rants).  And now we’ve come full circle.

Sure, petty is more socially accepted, convenient, hilarious, harmless, slimy yet satisfying; but more often than not its a temporary reprieve to a larger issue.  (Unless its a note on a windshield, never not worth it).  Eventually will come a time when you’re going to have to not be an ass and be assertive.  Eventually you’re going to have to check someone and trust its far more satisfying to go Mufasa voice on someone than to get a petty comeback.  Just don’t waste it on someone not worth it. 


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