Today’s Word is…NEWDS


So on Calm Sunday (the Sunday before football season) Twitter was set ablaze with a celebrity nude scandal featuring Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, some others I don’t know. For what its worth, what transpired Sunday was flat out disgusting, celebrity or not.  We have this weird entitlement over celebrities that they can have private photos, posted and profitted on and we expect them to charge it to the game because we watched Hunger Games.  Some pictures came across my timeline, I made a note to RT or go to any site promoting them.  Anyway, per usual when someone does unquestionably wrong sh t, certain people still find a way to place blame at the feet of the victimized asking why were such photographs taken in the first place……because they can, dummy.  Shaming someone for taking racy pictures in 2014 like their auntie wasn’t busting it open on a polaroid in 1994 is just flawed logic.  Its like having your bank information stolen and someone telling you why did you have a banking app. Anyway, surveys say 1 in 5 people say they have either sent or received a nude photo and 2 in those 5 people lying.  The “Soon As I Get Home” voicemail (still a plus BTW) has become a just thinking about you MMS.  When executed properly, its a fun little game and I’m assuming a pre-requiste for anyone in a long distance relationship. Then lames come and ruin the game for everybody.
So do you stop playing? Probably No, just got to play it smarter.  And say no to buckfoys.

When it comes to sexting, nude exchange, whatever the kids are calling it these days, there’s simple guidelines to follow.

Verify Picture is wanted in the first place- Unsolicited nudes are never a good look, its like flashing, but nerdier.  The random dickture has never worked for anyone and ladies aren’t exempt, you gotta at least hint a brother, you don’t know who’s around my phone.  I be just trying to check my email and blam there it is

Your eyes only- Sharing is not caring, I don’t see whats to be gained by showing off for other people unless you want them to start scheming on what’s yours.  These bros ain’t loyal.

Plausible Deniability-   No faces(this is a rule of thumb but I will say takes some of the fun out of it) no tattoos, be aware of your background.  I seen a picture on Twitter of one those exposed celebs who got exposed by a beach towel (also the lengths of creep it took to spot it is just…….go outside and play man). 

Suggestion >>>>- Again, maybe a quirk of mine personally I find suggestion more alluring than fully unclad…that is for purpose, this is playtime.  Tease, tantalize, titillate.

No reruns- That’s just rude.  It’s like giving your new boo a pet name you affectionately called your ex.

There’s An App For That- There’s actually a lot of apps (which lends credence to my point that clearly more than 1 in 5 people about this life) for self destructive messages, hiding photos from the gallery, even apps that “snitch” if a screenshot was taken.  Technology is amazing.

And of course, discretion is key.  Don’t send to who you don’t trust, don’t do what’s not in your comfort zone. And my contact info in the header.  Oh and no posting it online for the world to see there’s a difference between being a temptress and being thirsty for attention.  But most of all have fun with it and don’t think too much about it.  Its pictures, its silly, but so were answering machine messages with music playing, text signatures and jersey dresses.  So if we’re going to be dumb, at least we can be smart about it.


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