Today’s Word is… HOMEBODY


So since Friday, I was invited to happy hour, bowling, day party, night party, another party, a getogether, movies, dinner, between some thigh meats

Well I mean the title kinda gives it away but I ain’t end up doing “anything” this past weekend.  Well I did stuff but none of these things I was invited to.  Part of it was it rained for two days, also I’m cutting back for financial reasons, and the last part was I just felt like enjoying my time at home.  I finished two books, a couple sketches, grocery shopped, cooked, cleaned, ran a few miles, finally caugjt up on some shows via Netflix, wrote posts (yet somehow ended up freeblogging this one right now), sent about 200 tweets, and even watched wrestling for the first time in a decade.  I enjoyed my weekend, and now I’m ready to tackle a new week.  That’s just me tho.

I don’t mind being a homebody, but plenty of people around me seem to.  I have my entire 30s to chill in the crib with a wife and kids, for now I gotta “TURN UH!”, which I’m perfectly able to do and be the life of the party…but in moderation.  People close to me mean well when they down to fill me with alcohol or bless me with their presence but sometimes I just want to be left alone.  Some still don’t get that concept so allow me to break down the common rules of homebodies:

1. Its not a cry for help- I’m perfectly fine chilling at home on lieu of a night of debauchery.  I’m not sad, there’s no lines to read between, going outnand drinking isn’t the only way I unwind.

2. My beach is better- I enjoy my home, I enjoy my TV, my gaming consoles, my computer, my music, my patio, people pity me being home like I live in a cave

3. Sticks and Stones- Loser, Grandpa, Lame, etc. has no persuasive power. Ever. Mock deez.

4. Sell me- I do actually go out, but its on occasions, for something that interests me or I just feel like it.  You’re not getting me in some club just to go, or have me going all the way into the city without any plans or to just be in somebody else’s house (see #2)

Some get it, most don’t.  They can’t imagine someone being able to be home alone and not want to go insane. Perhaps its part that I have friends who have nagging wives, parents and children they’re trying to escape.  I don’t have that issue, my home is where I go to escape not the other way around.  I’m in my fortress of solitude where I’m free to blast music, chat with friends, read a book, build a bookcase, try out a recipe, and whatever the hell else I feel like doing or not doing and I’m perfectly okay with that even if no one else believes it.  I go on dates, I exercise 4 times a week, I grab drinks after work, and I still do hoodrat things with my friends from time to time, I’m a homebody, not a hermit.  I think really what it is that the average 20something’s idea of fun is spending a bunch of money and getting shitfaced. Or maybe I just need a new circle of fellow Murtaughs who too old for this shit. Until then, I’m in the crib.



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One response to “Today’s Word is… HOMEBODY

  1. “my home is where I go to escape not the other way around…”

    Haha if only words could express how much I can relate! I enjoy being a homebody.

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