Today’s Word is… ACCOUNTABLE


So I got a letter recently from a male fan? Reader? Troll? Admirer?…he starts off by qualifying himself, he sees me around the blogosphere and thinks I speak real spit ,  I’m funny whathaveyou HOOOWEVER, when he found this blog he was disappointed to see me pander to tired black women (he referenced my big girls and bachelorette posts…guessing he missed the actual #loveletterstoBW post) he went on to talk about how us kings get platforms and are afraid to hold these women accountable (to what exactly? He didn’t know) yada yada yada…

I never responded. I didn’t care to think how to, it slipped the back of my mind until Friday when I saw Twitter abuzz about Stephen A Smith’s comments on the Ray Rice suspension.  Ironically, at first Smith qualified himself (raised by women, would go off if someone dared touched a woman whom HE cared for) then went way left speaking on provocation and how ladies need to do a better job of being accountable.  To what? He didn’t know.  He’s expressed similar sentiments in the past, notably regarding Evelyn Lozada. Be on the look out for “Domestic abuse: Don’t Start None, Wont be None” signs on your subway.  I express my thoughts on the topic and while my followers have some damn sense and agreed, I saw some of them combatting dumbasses who didn’t.  Once again using “accountability” to make their fuck ass logic valid.  But then I must ask, if women are supposed to be the accountable ones, the hell are men….just pawns? Beasts?



Thanks Gary.

Are women morally superior to men, probably.  But I refuse to cop out to the ideal that me man me no control.  Its weak as hell to place conception of children, domestic violence, rape, the decreasing value of marriage, the breakup of the Beatles, world hunger, Hangover 3, mayonnaise, and the 1999 NBA lockout all at the woman’s feet.  Dude, be accountable for something. I see a beautiful woman every day, I’m perfectly able to resist the urge to mount them.  I’ve been “provoked” so many times,  I’m capable of walking away.  This doesn’t make me special, this makes me a man. 



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4 responses to “Today’s Word is… ACCOUNTABLE

  1. Tamara Bess, LMFT

    I completely agree with you. Thank you for sharing this. I think some very vital issues are being missed in this debate. May I share?…lateral-damage/

  2. Walking away is so damn easy. *sighs*

  3. iamsunnyd

    Reblogged this on Spoken Words & Thoughts and commented:
    Yes I had to share this!!! Say it again!!!

  4. iamsunnyd

    Yes, so they hold us accountable but not themselves? Yes, thanks for sharing this post…I had to reblog it!!

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