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Today’s Word is… FRESH


So for the past couple months, I along with the rest of the world have been inundated with TMI about Robin Thicke.  This had culminated with his latest album, “Paula”, an ode to his future ex wife and surely the soundtrack to anyone who’ll be dumped in the next few months and too lazy to find better emo music.  I’ve listened to the album, cause masochist, and to me it just comes off as token fake vulnerability.  It’s like the basketball player who puts up 40 while his team gets blown out, outsiders can peer in and say oh well at least HE’S trying.    Its the appearance of effort because its painfully obvious he’s most likely not gonna get her gon get her gon get her back. (Great writing there Robin).  So whats the point of this public display of apology?  Turn the public against her for doing what most ought to do? To make the next one want to be Superwoman?  Once again use the Marvin Gaye playbook to sell 700K albums?  All the above?  Sway ain’t got the answers.

It all seems futile to me.  Yeah yeah fight for love but forgiving and forgetting always sound good in theory when it just about never happens.  Especially when its made public.  For the sake of argument, lets say Paula is moved by that wack album and takes him back….I’ll be #thatguy and say it

Its probably better to start fresh elsewhere.

We love to say “lets start over”, but memories don’t live like people do, they always ‘member you and whether things are good or bad, it’s just the memories that you have. (Gold star if you read that in the Beenie Man voice).  We all have forgiven someone and we can swear on anything we won’t open that old wound, water under the bridge, clean slate…the memory lurks.  Paula will have leverage over the marriage for the rest of their lives, in my opinion, that’s not love. 

You often see my reference the fact that I don’t re-date exes or believe in breaks.  I know I don’t forget easily, I tried the off/on thing with “Her” but at the end of the day neither of us truly forgave the other for breaking our hearts and we never will pending time travel (get on it Google).  All we could do was heal, apart, and find another who could love with an actual clean slate, ignorance indeed being bliss and doing everything I can to keep that slate as clean as possible. 

That’s not to say relationships cant be repaired but sometimes the repairs cost so much its better to start over.  With Robin/Paula I think that’s the case.  But then again I’m just an unmarried consumer so I’ll stick to what I know……..this album stinks.



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