Today’s Word is… ATTRACTED


So yesterday I was on Twitter, cracking jokes, basking in the vain custom that is hundreds of strangers wishing you a Happy Birthday on the Internet, I ended up coming across Jeremy Meeks; convicted felon turned social media heartthrob.  Anyone who has been on Twitter in the past year knows that this isn’t necessarily new; from @PostBigFines to @PostBadBeards to @PostBadW2s, its standard practice for us to share images of attractive people; its like the adult version of “that’s my car”.  I thought it was assumed that finding a criminal attractive didnt mean you were attracted to criminals but I give the internet too much credit sometimes.  Anyway, it wasn’t long before the Hurt Negreaux brigade stormed the castle and equated women finding Mr Meeks attractive to women once again going for the unsavory bad boy and not their behind. 

Its laughable to think grown men would get jealous of a criminal behind bars on a $900,000 bail, but then again there’s been plenty of times I had some ‘splaining to do because I was too into that Rihanna video, or maybe glanced a second too long at shorty in the sundress.  Once again, the lines between finding attractive and being solely attracted are blurred.  We like to pigeonhole people, especially when it comes to attraction.  As I’ve said on posts regarding dating interracially, its possible to like two completely different things.  Its possible me to love both Jill Scott and Scarlett Johanneson, for a woman to be attracted to that mugshot and still prefer a man with good credit.  Its lazy thinking to assume, oh they only like X type.  Besides even if they did, let that hurt go.

Hating on women with weave wont get your fro tugged at night. Hating on skinny women doesn’t burn calories.  Hating on old blue eyes isn’t making me any more attractive.  All of these make you the opposite, bitter isn’t attractive.  I’m not everyone’s cup of tea (I mean if she wants week old coffee then that’s her business) and I know I never will be (although I think if I were famous I’d be somebody’s crush, I’m cray cray adorbs yo) and jokes aside I’m perfect alright with that.  I’ll stay lowkey with 14 like average Instagram selfies and occasional smiles on the subway. 


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