Today’s Word is… SOLO



So this was a little while ago, back I was on my way to the city to link up with some friends at Day party-like function, I’m like right the hell there…. Plans fall through.  At this point, I’m like fuggit and I’m about to go grab something to eat and play cell phone roulette and see who else is around.  I’m on my way to grab food I see a dude I went to school with, he has two women with him, we chop it up quickly he asks what I’m about to get into….now I should’ve said I’m about to just grab something to eat and head home, what I end up saying is I’m about to get up with some friends at Remy’s

One of the girls says, oh that’s where we was going

The two girls exchange looks, I feel like they are telepathically discussing me:

“he’s kinda cute”
“eh, i guess if that’s what you like” “looks like he can afford a mimosa” “true true”

Other girl says, so we all going to the same place why we standing here.  Welp, guess I’m going to this party to meet with these people I know aren’t coming. We get there and I separate from the pack, cuz introvert, and I meet another girl, fellow wallflower.  We talk for a second and another guy joins the conversation, he’s basically trying to dirty mack.  A couple of his boys join our little corner, we all talk about the wack ass food. They say they’re going to eat elsewhere, they invite her, she asks me and her homegirl to tag along.  Once again, I’m headed out with a bunch of strangers.

And it was the probably one of the better days I had.

Now heading out solo isn’t something I do often, or at all really.  When I am out and about alone I’m usually shopping or eating because those things seem perfectly normal to do. Otherwise, you look weird. I was at the movies the other day and in the row in front of me was a dude, alone, eating popcorn and enjoying Magneto drop a baseball stadium around the White House, I salute him, but I couldn’t do it. So there I was with someone who ain’t even like comics but beats being solo.  Going back to that odd night, after the ladies left, I rolled with the fellas to the club, now I just met these dudes so I saunter off to do my own thing, something I do with my actual friends.  I came for the ladies and the drinks (c) Trey Yodelz.  Yet if I walk in alone I look weird.  Society confuses me.  I love lamp.

Flying solo is just one of those things that most will admit is ballsy but will never do themselves.  I guess I’m in that camp as well, I ended up #thatguy by circumstance and even so I always at least had the appearance of friends I would’ve been right back at home alone talking to myself in front of thousands of strangers on the internet; like a normal person.


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