Today’s Word is… BOUGIE



So an acquaintance invites me out, I figure what the hell and roll thru. Anyway, I’m on my way to meet him and a couple associates at this lounge, I hear someone yell “oh shit” “bllllllllaaaaat”, I look across the street, it’s some homies from around the way.  I go over to them talk for a bit, like one dude I didn’t know like that legit broke down my whole outfit, like “i see you, got fresh cut, button up, shoes, cuff links….” (like who even notices cufflinks, I swear he was so ready to rob me, he knew better, dont let these non prescription glasses that just completed the look fool you).  Anyway, they ask what I’m bout to get into

“I’m about to hit up Emerald”
“That’s that new lounge, there be some thangs over there?”
“Idk this gonna be my first time”
“Oh ok then, we gotta get up, you aint too bougie for the hood now?”
“Watch that sh t. Anyway, I was out there like last week (more like 3 weeks ago and none of them were there but still), i just dont be in the city like that”
“Oh yeah you out in the boonies now too, you only come to THIS part of town”
“You here too”
“(Redacted) got this white girl out here, college bitch, there bout to be a party over there, get some college girls” (He’s like 30 i believe)
“Iight let me know how that is”

We all exchange numbers because they cant keep a damn phone on to save their lives, and I go about my business.  That whole conversation made me feel some type of way.  Particularly the “bougie” label.  Granted other people have called me bougie, or mocked bougie things i’m into but I didn’t like how HE made that reference.  There’s a difference between playfully ribbing listening to Goapele and implying i’m “too good” for anything or anyone. A difference between trying to expand my social circle and forgetting where I came from.  I’ll always be T-Mac with tales I’ll never tell here but I’ll never be T-Mac, a 30 year old “O.G.” hitting up college parties.  That makes me “bougie” so be it.

Bougie is one of those terms I can’t ride with. I’m just about old enough to remember when it wasn’t an endearing term, in the same vein of newbreeds running around calling themselves “pretty boys” now, nah. I’ll divulge my own hypocrisy, I’ll poke fun at a friend who only drinks wine, eats kale or is from or plans to move to DC (but Stan, you wanna move to….shhh). In essence its in jest, not being separatist. Perhaps he was as well, but he don’t know me like that. Personally, I don’t really see the difference between owning being “bougie” and being told you “act white”. Yet bougie is the new black, pretty sure its the most popular term in the black blogosphere (because merely blogging makes you bougie now, cant a ninja just opine). There’s about 50 lem lists about things bougie black people do (apologies if you read the title and thought this was the case here) and even Buzzfeed set Twitter ablaze with a How Bougie are You quiz (i scored quite low actually….thug life?). The spectrum is set at ratchet and bougie, and you can find me in the middle with a du rag listening to Jeezy, drinking almond milk, blogging on my neighbors WiFi, with a USB keyboard because my laptop is missing keys. (Or on mt smartphone in a suit sipping Starbucks tea)Guess that makes me Boughetto (with a soft g, hard g sounds fake elitist)

-Stänley le Gémini



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5 responses to “Today’s Word is… BOUGIE

  1. I don’t know what movement I’m more against- The “I’m bougie” movement or the “I’m a f**K boy who hates women” movement. I guess I’m capable of fighting a two front war.

    I took the quiz and I scored a five mainly because I hate well done steak and love Starbucks dark roasts. I don’t know when liking nice things and caring about how and what you eat got co-opted by “THEM” but I’m taking my ish back.

  2. NOTME

    Great Post. Sometimes I feel that having standards is mistaken for being bougie. When I hear the term “bougie” I have flashbacks of people who are materialistic, snobby and care too much about what other people think. For example a college roommate who ran out of money and needed detergent and when I offered her mine, she proclaimed “I can’t use cheap detergent” and let her dirty laundry pile up. Another who did not have a car talked the entire car ride of how she was going to get a newer car than the one I had. Both were people who fit under my definition of this term.

    Sidenote: I took the Buzzfeed Quiz and scored 3, I am shocked that my score was that high.

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