Today’s Word is… GROWTH


Tell em Maya Angelou is not my aunt, but I think I could probably sell people on that lie, its so random it just might work

Yeah so I’m just kinda thinking out loud….vibe with me.

So I’m on my commute home and I see this dude and his lady doing entirely too much PDA on the train.  Kids these days.  Anyway, she gets off at her stop, he gets one more smooch for the road and these other two newbreeds get on and they happen to know him.  Train departs…

“Yo she fat as sh t fam, that’s how you do”
“Ain’t even like that, she just sucks my d ck”

Two white women really wish they didn’t hear that, an old lady clutches her pearls, another woman rolls her eyes and turns up her music. He shares a glance with me because he knew I peeped game, I go back to reading my book. 

The girl was a little hefty but she was pretty in the least R Kelly way possible and dude was just dragging her to impress some other guys, what part of the game is that?  Its one of those things that I thought was common knowledge but isn’t.  I think I don’t give my parents enough credit that I’m actually a pretty good guy and apparently there’s large room for error.

Now I don’t know that newbreed from a hole in a wall but I will say the guy that would grope his girlfriend in public on the subway would turn around and mock her to his friends.  The man with 3 kids, 3 mothers probably isn’t the one you should mess with.  I’m never floored by the viral “exposing” that goes on on Twitter, you mean the guy with an @ I _______ hoes name isn’t above posting revenge porn, that’s a shocker.  They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover but sometimes only a few pages is needed to see the book ain’t sh t. 

People grow, people change but less than we give credit for.  I’m more mature than I was but 16 year old me wouldn’t have disowned my lady, 16 year old me wouldn’t have a child and not take of them.  Or maybe I’m cynical when I think that for the most part people are who they are but with hindsight we become better people.  We know right and wrong, we know what we’re supposed to do at school, at work, in a relationship, in society we just choose not to because we don’t care.  I’d like to think I can look at myself 10 years ago and even in the hood, even with the 4X tee, ignorant as all hell and say he’s going to be alright.  Even my friends at the time, their paths didn’t turn out as different as you would’ve guessed 10 years ago (2 college grads, a hardworking father, a good dude, and the rest still in the hood, prison or lost to the streets).  Anyway, the point of all this is to say that as we get older we still become the realized version of the seed planted many years ago.  Rarely can we look back 10 years and say we’re exactly what we planned to be, but morals, empathy, respect….you don’t just learn those, they aren’t necessarily acquired with age either.


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