Today’s Word is… TRADITIONAL


Gender roles is touchy because no one likes being told what they should and shouldn’t be.  Only thing that defines your gender is the restroom you use, this Merica n shit.  I do find it interesting the “evolution” you can say of men.  Just yesterday, I’m watching the game and I’m browsing on twitter and see a man fighting for his right to wear leggings.  I go on Facebook, I see my boy posting a picture of his outfit of the day, while my female cousin is rooting for her team.  Nothing wrong with that necessarily, but interesting.  Scroll further, I see another guy venting his frustrations about a relationship gone bad, another girl posts a picture of Nia Long and how she’d totally go gay for her.  Nothing wrong (especially since Nia Long is perfect) but still…interesting.

Its a sign of the times really, gender roles are just not traditional.  The modern woman is a renaissance woman, she doesn’t necessarily need a man for anything but to get her shots off and even that is debateable (sidebar yeah yeah open sexuality but it wasn’t until blogging/social media did I see how common it was for women to talk about their fap life online, but hey do y’all…some pun intended.). With the modern woman bringing home the bacon, frying it and making themselves a club sammich where does the modern man fit in?  The modern man, well he’s adapting.  We cook, we clean, we shop.  I’ve gone to grocery stores, laundrymats and seen husbands completely lost as their wives usually do it for them, must be nice. 


I grew up with both dynamics, a father who worked so my mother didn’t have to and later my mother proved more than capable of doing it as a divorced single mother.  I’d consider myself more traditional, I hope to be the provider, the pickle jar opener, the tire changer.  The only problem is the other traditionalists ruined it for everyone.  The extreme traditionalists No Ma’am negroes and June Cleavages of the world who look at everything strictly by gender, I’m a man you obey me,  I’m a woman take care of me.  I can’t go for that, word to Hall and Oates.

You see these people all over the internet, women demanding what a man should make, and men shaming women for aspiring to be anything but a wife and mother.  They lack accountability, while I plan to be the leader of my family that’s because I’ve shown myself capable, respect and deferment are not assumed traits, they’re earned. Some think they can take the easy way out, assume another race is easier or put on a cape and save someone who has nothing but you.  As for the women, most men appreciate someone who has their own shit, just know its a complement not a replacement.  Tell me you don’t need me I’ll go and let you prove your theory.

Times have changed, the modern man is more than capable of being self sufficient, as is the modern woman.  I don’t need a woman to get in the kitchen and fix me something to eat, but I’d like to have one.  Women don’t need me to provide for them but most wouldn’t mind being a housewife.  The traditional household is not a relic yet, and there’s nothing wrong with coveting one.  Unless of course there’s some rich woman who willing to take care of my ass, I gets busy in the kitchen.


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  1. I’ve been married for a few months and I’ve dated Moneypenny for a long time. One thing I’ve learned is that couple has to do what works for them. Anyone else’s notion of tradition or roles won’t work.

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