Today’s Word is… BREAK

Ha ha ha ha ha ha check out this bizarre

What’s breaks, breaks is when you don’t text me before you go to sleep

Breaks is when ya moms don’t stop me in the streets

Breaks is when I see you, a subtle smile like “I see you”

At least that’s what I thought it was. Apparently I was wrong. I always looked at breaks as breakups, I’m no longer committed to you, you’re no longer committed to me. Maybe we’ll reconcile, maybe we’ll won’t, go fly your pretty wings elsewhere. Others look at them more as trial version breakups, the space is there, but the freedom…not quite. Some people believe in relationship breaks, sometimes people actually need time for themselves to sort things out or absence does make the heart grow fonder. I know of separated couples that eventually righted the ship, I also know people who are celebrating “anniversaries” like they wasn’t with someone else for a good 1/3 of it, I’m sleep tho. Different strokes and all that. I personally don’t believe in them, if you’re in a relationship with someone you shouldn’t need weeks or months to decide if you want to be with them, that what was supposed to be the courting phrase. Rather, if you need the time then actually break up and accept the consequence of breakups which is that they are free to go. I can think of maybe one time I actually reluctantly went on a break and I knew rather early that it was over. But that’s just me. Basically these are the breaks, word to Kurtis Blow.

The universal code for “I had a s/o off campus/still fair game”

Pause break- Essentially they want to be with you, but it’s really inconvenient to be in a relationship right now. This is really popular in college, when guys and girls were on campus on their worst behavior but never fear significant other they’re gonna get right back…eventually. There’s an immunity clause, the Ross Gellar defense, that will protect them from any wrongdoing while on this break (see Wade, Dwyane…for what it’s worth I think the “break” is more for Gabby’s image, he cheated, she forgave because he’s an NBA player and she’s 41 and not trying to start over but has an image to maintain).

Denial break- Like my lone example, it’s over but in the back of one’s mind it’s not. They agree to be just friends but they still hit you up daily, they are plotting to win you back or fix whatever reason you gave to end it in the first place, don’t believe them just watch. It’s like getting a 6 week layoff notice and thinking if you work hard those six weeks you can be rehired, that 6 weeks that should’ve been spent looking forward was wasted looking back. One the other end, the one in the drivers seat is not helping the situation, they still mess around, mislead, and they themselves aren’t moving forward.

Single is single, relationship is relationship. When things start to get muddled not much good comes from it. Titles define accountability, you can’t tell a single person what to do, you can’t just make someone in a relationship go away and come back at your nearest convenience. Breaks do both. You shouldn’t need a break from the person you’re with to find yourself, if you do why are you even holding the door for them. You shouldn’t need a break to rekindle the flame, you can be spontaneous now. Commit or quit, don’t be a bitch about it.


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  1. Breaks, in my opinion, leave too much room for nonsense that otherwise wouldn’t be allowed in a “non-break” relationship. We slip through cracks in words and titles thus I agree: shit or get off the pot but please, please don’t TRY and do both.

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