Today’s Word is… BOO

So one of my readers pointed out that I hinted at having a girlfriend in my last post.  I responded, I don’t have a girlfriend, I have a boo.  She said that’s pretty much the same thing.  No, Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing, boos are different.  They’re complicated.  Boos can be crushes, workplace flirts, someone in that relationship limbo phase, just an old flame that never quite extinguished.  Moreorless it’s anyone you have no real obligation to care about but the feelings ain’t get the memo. Feelings ruin evrything.  Boos can be fun when there’s minimal emotional investment and you just enjoy their company. Boos can be irritating because as long as they’re Django Unclaimed you can’t tell them nothing even though they say and do things that rub you the wrong way sometimes. Alas, It ain’t for everybody (c) Jigga. 

Hell, it ain’t even for me, nevertheless boos happen and when they do there’s simple guidelines to keep yourself sane and stop you from going on long winded text rants she’s just gonna screenshot and make fun of you to other people about, or get hit with that painful reminder that she’s nachos.          

Keep Calm and Get Your Life, Boo: I know I’m a frustrating boo, some days to no ones fault I just do not want to be bothered.  Yes I will tweet about something I find more interesting than your “wyd” text, I will ignore your call because I’m playing crunk music at ignorant levels, some afternoons I’d much rather plan a jewelry heist in GTA V read a good book.  Point is, my time is my time.  My boo’s time is my boo’s time. 

Do you, boo boo: Single is single.  Never expect unfledged loyalty from a boo.  Personally, I don’t get jealous so even if I do see her flirting online with some random guy, I’m not going to skim their page see if I’m more attractive, make a few snide remarks I’d keep to myself like this dude a #heyboo away from a #heymaker or make up a bunch of slander nicknames or get so irritated you be fake mad at them for like 3 hours and they aint even know it, cuz you know I don’t do jealousy.  

Boo Discretion is Advised: As I said single is single but also. Ignorance is bliss.  Unless you’re seriously considering being with someone else, I rather not know.  (Doesn’t that count now skimming her social media feeds? Look I don’t need that now.)  Inversely, don’t ask me questions you aren’t fully prepared to hear the answers to. 

Booundaries (okay, i’m reaching now but the other three had boo in it):  Boundaries are always necessary especially in a unique situation where you’re not a couple, but they aren’t exactly your tailor either, actually I love my tailor, umm not my dentist, he aint sh t.  The boundaries should be fair and realistic, don’t expect relationship priveleges in a courtship. 

Enjoy it: Enjoy it for what it is not what it isn’t yet.  Of course, it’s easier to just take that next step, but you know…..#reasons.  Boos irritate but it should never go beyond that, lifes too short to be dealing with unneeded stress, especially from someone you haven’t even committed yourself to.



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