Today’s Word is… HOMIE

[Editor’s Note: 15,000+ views, im not sure if that’s impressive or not especially more than half of them came from angry feminists one day I said something on another blog or people who click on the MILF post expecting a completely different kinda post, but w.e, I like numbers, thanks for reading and sh t]

You know what’s awkward? When you essentially spend an entire Saturday with someone well into 2am, you take their number, never call and then run into them again in public.  You know what’s even more awkward? When it’s a dude.  No Hibbert.  So yeah context, one time at band camp, I went to an alumni mixer, I went to dinner with a few people there, a few more people broke off from the pack and the rest of us hit the club.  Now, because open bars are awesome I vaguely remember that day, I remember a funny incident with some watermelon, a roundtable discussion on marriage which inspired this post, and making fun of some guy in pink pants.  This wasn’t the guy in pink pants, this was someone who pretty much rolled with me that entire day since we were chatting up two roomates at the mixer.  I was also helping him out at dinner, and maybe the club too, I was in full wingman mode seeing as I’m kinda sorta pretty much off the market. 

So dude remembers me, we catch up for a few we go about our separate ways, “you got my jack right? Iight cool.”  [Translation: you have my number, im not sure how mainstream our lingo is, I talked to a follower who rarely heard the word “sneaker” like, really?].  Apparently, he has mine, he texts me “we gotta get up sometime, hit me up”.  Not long after a new facebook request from him.  Ummm….ok?  I’m talking to “Coworker” about it, “guys are so weird, y’all can’t communicate with eachother like normal people, now if it was a woman you’d be all over it.”  She asked me when was the last tme I made a male friend? 

Interesting question. I have people at work I talk to, maybe hit happy hour every now and again, dudes I run ball with, and of course my childhood peeps.  Except for the last, I wouldn’t say the others really count as “friends”.  I’ll play Playstation online, coming over my crib….eh, not likely.  We’ll talk about women in our lives, actually meeting them….eh, not likely.  So maybe I have no new friends, no new friends, no no no. But in the immortal words of Mystikal, “it ain’t my fault”.  I live in a neighborhood where I’m the only adult under 40, hell 30, i changed departments so now I work in an office primarily by myself, I guess I can join an organization or something but ain’t nobody got time for that.  If only my boo had like brothers or cousins or something…welp, I might as well accept this friend request.



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