Today’s Word is… AMNESTY

“Can I come over”

A text from “Her”. I thought about what would happen if I said yes.  How we would have dinner as if nothing’s changed, how I would look at her the way I always did, how she would blush.  How we would convince ourselves what’s about to happen is perfectly alright. How the next morning we would discuss where we go from here, we remember we weren’t on the same page. We’d soon go our separate ways, we’d reach out to be friends again because pride won’t allow us to be bitter over what’ll never be.  Then on some lonely night, she’d text again

“Can I come over” 

“That wouldn’t be a good idea…have a good night”

I would awake to a four page letter (Double Aaliyah reference score) about how she merely wanted to hang out with a friend, if we were friends this shouldn’t be an issue.  I picked up my phone, thought about all 6 hypocrisies I could call her on, but thought better of it.  I deleted the message, her number and reached out to someone more worthy of my time.  Why waste my energy on a debate, why devote my time to something that clearly annoys me, why have this clutter in my way when there’s something that has much more potential.  Taking a page from the NBA, I’m just going to have to amnesty her.  

For my non sports savvy readers, the NBA’s amnesty clause, permits a team to still pay a player but have them completely off their books with no penalty.  Reasons vary, rhey cost too much, needs to make room for better players, just aren’t good anymore, regardless, when a player is amnestied, they are out of their consciousness.   In my case, “Her” just has to go.  Will I always have some feelings for her, yes, does she add value to my life?  Ultimately, no.  Clearly we can’t be friends, it’s not worth a detriment to future relationships to keep her as a friend, and the ship on us as a couple as sailed, hit an iceberg, sank and Leonardo DiCaprio died even though Rose could’ve fit him on that door and balanced the weight.  So as I held my phone this morning, thinking of something to say to potentially appease her feelings and preserve the fledgling friendship, is it even worth it?  Not anymore. 

The NBA only allows one amnesty a season, I’m not in the NBA, I’ll amnesty once every NBA, NFL, MLB, winter, spring, summer, fall, Netflix, cuffing season.  As I have throughout the year simply separated myself from the unnecessary distractions in my life, love, socially or career.  No need to even burn bridges, just cross and don’t look back and get the same effect. There’s just so much else to be worried about.


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