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Today’s Word is… BLERD

I’m black. I’m a nerd. Guess that makes me a blerd.  #BlerdLines.  I’m actually a huge nerd, a read e-how articles for fun, Ben Affleck being cast as Batman ruined my night, read/watch sharks all year damn a week, still disappointed Mark Zuckerburg is a geeky young billionaire who didn’t become a superhero, buy broken electronics for the challenge of fixing them, win a chess match in 4-6 moves nerd.   I never was a caricaturish nerd, I never needed glasses or braces, I held my own in the war on acne and I never dressed tight or ridiculously awkward.   Blerds are sort of the new trend now, as apparently it took society and pop culture to be like, you know what’s cool, someone who is themselves all the time.  That it’s completely possible to be an intellectual and still have a social life.  Comics, video games and technology isn’t just for losers.  Being a nerd isn’t a life sentence of message boards and still living at home.  Women are slowly but surely coming over to the nerd side, after some trial and error I learned how to work my nerdy side into my charm.   If anything, I think being a blerd makes me or others a much better match than the thug, jock, frat boy type.  For starters we’re…

OPEN- Essentially beggars can’t be choosers.  Not to say blerds are desperate but more that if one is looking for someone who will accept them as is, they are obviously more likely to accept that person as is.

FUNNY- Big Bang Theory #1 show in the country, how many shows about bros get cancelled a year. Just saying.

USEFUL- Well I mean, its 2013 people can just google shit but regardless I try to be a valuable resource when asked something (even if I myself have to google it and play if off)

LOW MAINTENANCE- We demand the highest quality in our consumer electronics and superhero movies, our ladies, are free to be themselves.

SOLID FOUNDATION- Lot of potential here.  Well a little bit.  Well it’s easier to get me to stop correcting people or not wear screen tees to certain functions than get some other guy to claim you

At least I can say I’m a moderate blerd, I’m not a Trekkie, I don’t like any Star Wars except Episode III and IV, don’t dress for conventions, and I don’t play an MMORPG. (Perhaps I debunked my argument by even saying MMORPG. Whatever.)  I’m merely a man with diversified interests, some more mainstream than others.  I’ll listen to NPR at work, and then listen to Juicy J on the way home.  I’ll read a graphic novel and then hit the club.  Che Guevara with bling on, I’m complexed. I don’t shy away from my nerdy ways, it’s what makes me awesome.

Blerd life.


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