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Today’s Word is… LIMBO

People aren’t dumb.  One of the things we learn early is right and wrong.  In certain arenas, there’s protections in place that allow you to use the system to your advantage; it’s why George Zimmerman is a free man and Alex Rodriguez is playing baseball while suspended.  Those are perks of being an American citizen or a member of one of the strongest unions in the country.  In other arenas, there’s no technicalities, no loopholes, there’s right and wrong.  One arena is relationships, which we enter in our own free will and are free to leave whenever we want.  Even before that point, there’s the “talking/courting” phase in which again, your free to take things to a more serious level, or look elsewhere.  While in limbo, yes you’re not in a relationship but if you aspire to be, you can’t act single.

That relationship limbo phase is dicey, you don’t want to give full relationship benefits to someone you’re not committed to but you also don’t want to give someone you care about a free pass to do whatever with whomever.  I spoke on an aversion to titles before, but that’s me, if I’m single and I have feelings for someone, with or without “the talk” I’m not going to do anything I know will hurt them and get off on a technicality.  If I’m in limbo with a girl, she hooks up with someone else, yes she’s free to do so, I’m now free to not want to deal with her on that level.  Fair is for trials, people know better. 

So why not simplify things and make it official?  I feel like relationships are a different monster, they come with rules and regulations that one may not be able to fulfill at that time, being faithful, in my opinion (well duh it’s my opinion it’s my blog) is not one of them.  A relationship established simply to “lock one down” or clinch some sense of monogamy is started on a faulty premise and usually don’t last long.  A relationship isn’t an insurance policy, its an agreement for two people to only date each other and hopefully be building toward something more.  Limbo is I like you, you like me, we’re not together yet but let’s still keep each other’s feelings in perspective.  Of course, as with the dance? Game? (I dont know wtf is limbo actually classified as) after so many turns it’s just about impossible to keep going.  Limbo should always be temporary, know how long you can continue to play or if you don’t the pole will.


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