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Today’s Word is… KARMA

“Karma, because it’s completely unethical to pray something happens to someone” -Me

I’ve said before, I typically try to keep my social media and my personal life separate like church and state.  This goes double for when I’m upset, I don’t like to be bombarded with questions and fake concern.  So I guess yesterday I came off as being in a bad mood as I get a text asking “what’s wrong”, from “Madame”. I should really change my number. I explained I was fine, but she said she sensed otherwise (hilarious considering…well actually, I’ll get to that later).  I explained I was fine what slightly annoyed me just slightly annoyed me, thus the picture of a slightly annoyed me.  Entredre de Triple. She shifts gears, not like she really cared anyway that was just her foot in the door.  What she was really reaching out for was once again that closure (guess she gon try every August). 

This time the approach was a wee bit different, instead of playing victim, she played the role of someone with hindsight, that she looks back on the past years and relationships and realizes I was someone rare.  Whatever.  She proceeded to run through the sweet things I said/did for her as if I wasn’t there and of course made comparisons to her most recent ex, who did nothing of that nature.  I didn’t mean to come off as so jaded, I’m over it and her.  I just found it hilarious how karma came through like Ray Allen in Game 6.  She ended up with someone just like her, she’s now walking a few miles in my Air Maxes. 

Since she started the trip down memory lane, I thought how ironic it was her ex signed, sealed, delivered karma to her, she was the one that did so to me.  I thought back to when I was being inconsiderate of others time, I also rememeber the plethora of times I was stood up by her.  I thought about the times I felt cheated or outright disrespected in my relationship, I remember the inexcusable things I allowed from her, even to this day if I were to bet that any woman cheated on me and got away with it, it would be her.  I remember the sweet guestures that went unnoticed, the lack of communication, the straw that broke the camel’s back even if that’s something I never did to anyone.  If exes could’ve looked in at how hurt and humbled I was they would surely be amused, much as I was when she would tell stories and how careless her ex was. 

In the end, I grew from it, a better man from it, I can only hope the same becomes of her.  I can’t say I care enough to see the woman that arises from this whether she becomes colder and jaded or more caring and compassionate.  Karma has run it’s course, and it’s provided better closure than I could’ve even imagined.  I never wanted her back, I wanted her to be accountable.  I think she is now and now there’s nothing left to gain from this book.


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