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Today’s Word is… FUNNY

“It’s the most cliche answer to the most cliche question”.
“What is “someone with a sense of humor”?
“I’ll take Terrible Tyler Perry films for $400, Alex.”

Cliche aside, a sense of humor is very important to me. Especially my humor, more of less deadpan wit. Most women I would say “get” me, give or take a few who were overly sensitive, not the brightest crayon in the box or just really lame. I’m not a comedian by any stretch of the imagination but I take some point of pride in being able to make someone laugh. Being remarkably average in most aspects, it’s kinda my go to. Naturally, I find myself attracted to people who make me laugh or at the very least is able to feed off the casually silly vibe I tend to give off. “Dessiner” is a perfect example of someone who I’m able to laugh with. We share the trait to find humor in anything, even things not designed to be funny like really bad dramas or ratchet government names. She genuinely makes me laugh, not just the fake chuckle I give coworkers when I didn’t quite hear what they said or when I text lmaoooooooo when my face is actually stiffer than Lil Kim’s. It’s certainly refreshing.

However, the popular opinion is that women just aren’t as funny as men. I’m not sure if I agree or even that I disagree. Some of my favorite bloggers are women, my favorite followers are mostly seemingly unemployedwomen, and I find Orange is the New Black hilarious. Not to sound like Riley Cooper talking about his black friends but my point is there’s plenty of funny women. At least I think so. I will say I don’t find many female stand ups funny, most I’ve seen on tv or in person only do the same “I’m bitchy, I don’t get laid enough, I’m edgy because I say periods” routine. In order to appeal to me, you must…well appeal to me. “She” was good for telling a story, bursting out laughing throughout half of it and by time she got to the punchline I was left behind on why she mentioned what she was wearing and the cutaway on how she bought it on sale months ago, like umm, cool story babe.

I asked other women did they find other women funny and it was overwhelmingly no. Surprising, as I thought women would defend their gender. Although I must say on most women gatherings I’ve walked in on they were either extra drunk singing and dancing to Beyonce or the immediate focus of the room shifts right to me. The other common sentiment is that men are much more sure of themselves when it comes to humor. Which I can put some stock in, women are either really reserved or they overcompensate by being reckless and loud. Hi K Michelle. I can say as a man I don’t ever try to be funny, I try not to bore people with my stories, I make jokes I at least find humorous. Some hit, some miss, if you follow me on Twitter I’m sure you get a healthy balance of each.

I don’t care if a woman is funny or not, but I will say one that makes me laugh is a plus. It’s a charming trait to be able to relate to someone on what is perhaps one of the hardest levels, their humor. My humor is fairly easy, so to not be able to reach me there is more likely than not a troubling sign. Like seriously, you show me some sick video on YouTube and start laughing, I might could probably run away from your ass. I’ve watch the ID channel, I know the signs. If a woman just doesn’t find me funny, well i wouldn’t know I’m a riot.


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