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Today’s Word is… BACHELOR

I think I’m a decent looking dude. Well groomed, dress nice, excellent dental health.  I don’t consider myself hot or sexy, not that I’m down on myself I’m just aware I’m not the tallest guy, the fittest guy, and I don’t have a glorious beard, long dreads, a bunch of tattoos or whatever the newest it trend happens to be. I say that to explain very rarely that someone actually crushes on me, when they do it’s usually because they’ve gotten to know me and my awesomeness not strictly superficial.  Not saying I would want to be only noticed for superficial reasons, I mean it’d be nice….okay I’m rambling.  So there’s a girl (of course there’s always a girl) at work who I guess has a little crush on me.  Now I’ve spoken before about my aversion to coworkers but plot twist she works from home so technically she’s not a coworker.  So “coworker” decides to play matchmaker sets up a casual group outing invites us both out (well invited her out apparently I had no choice, whatever.)  So I meet this mystery girl and well, nothing.  She was cute, sweet, nice, all the generic adjectives that “coworker” upsold her on, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  Could be my mind has been on someone else, but biases aside I just wasn’t interested on THAT level. 

Oh the plight of a bachelor.  Now I don’t consider myself a bachelor either, well besides the single, no children, corporate job, cozy apt, overthinking relationships to the point I talk myself out of most of them thing.  It takes a certain type of mindset to opt out the journey of love and run laps instead.  When I think bachelor, I think Derek Jeter, George Clooney, a couple old heads from around the way, they either been there done that or just not even interested in trying.  My situation is more by default.  While I do enjoy the perks for freedom, I’ve mentioned frequently here that I strongly prefer long term relationships.  However, i’ve caught enough jabs from love to know maybe to take my time and hone my vetting techniques.  I think that’s how it goes for most bachelors, it’s not that they don’t just want a girlfriend they’re holding out for THE woman. All the while dating, which for some makes the mission statement hard to take seriously, but trust there’s a method to the madness. 

Bachelorettes don’t get that pass, double standards and what not.  Players don’t get that pass because they have no credibility.  Bachelors get the pass, but lined with skepticism. So going back to last night, while I simply thought the girl was cool but I have my doubts, “coworker” just looked at it as a typical guy brushing off a good girl in front of them.  The irony, seeing as she said the same thing about me and her many moons ago.  That’s the overall frustration women get from bachelors, it’s easier to accept a guy only wants sex, accepting a guy wants commitment just not from you, oh he gon make someone around her catch a body like that.   It’s easier to just assume men are of full of sh t, we ain’t bout that monogamy life, we’re just busy chasing fake women who don’t want us anyway. 

It can never be that a good person does not mean a good part….actually I’m gonna need a fresh post for that one…

To be continued.



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