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Today’s Word is… BACHELORETTE

Okay, ladies first.

The bachelorette gets a bad rep because

a) she’s single
b)she’s not married
c) she’s single
d) well she gets it when she needs it

A happily single woman is seen as an oxymoron, because you know a woman’s life is hollow without a man to come home to.  Do I really have to explain that was sarcastic and don’t take it out of context, okay that first sentence was sarcastic and shouldn’t be taken out of context.  Society constantly questions her; is she really happy, are her standards too high, does she need to date outside her race, is she having out of wedlock children and littering? She’s damned if she do, damned is she don’t. If she’s celibate she’s bitter, if she’s doing her she’s a heaux. Cold world. No Snuggie.

I respect the bachelorette.  I’ve spoken at length on the necessity of being single that if you don’t take that time to fully understand what you want and what you bring to the table, you will find yourself continuously and listening to Keyshia Cole Radio on Pandora. CC is someone who comes to mind as she’s pretty much gone from 0-60 in every relationship she’s had and despite being “engaged” twice, with a tattoo of another man she finds herself alone.  Well not alone, just in another doomed relationship.  On the other end of the spectrum is a friend solely focused on her career but of course the whispers of “where her man doe” get louder.  Hell, her own mother asked me to go after her, a few times. 

As for the men in her life, she dates, she entertains, seldom commits.  What separates her from the player mentioned before is that she’s honest and forthcoming about just not looking for that right now.  Not that she’s completely shut down the idea of marriage but her priorities have changed; number one, her own happiness.  As someone who personally finds dating highly annoying, I can ride with that.  Be free, be spontaneous, be able to come into your next relationship with as little emotional baggage as possible.  If a woman tells me she’s happy being single, I tend to believe her. She’s not in denial, she doesn’t have 3 cats, she’s not being promiscuous or just oblivious to her own unattractiveness.  After all it would be hypocritical to judge a woman for not wanting to be in a relationship when bachelors want that same respect.  Every single person isn’t playing games or bitter.

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