Today’s Word is… FRESH

It was just about a year ago.  I had grew extremely tired of my job and was tired of complaining about it, I needed a change of scenery.  I set my plan in motion I compiled all my sick/vacation time and jumped both feet into the job search, my plan was to never have to come back.  It was a risky bet, had I failed I would have to go back, tail between my legs and wasted time off that could’ve been used for well, time off.  I had a few interviews I thought went extremely well, and right when I thought I was going to have to go back to my old job the next week, I got an offer.  I was ready to give my notice, was technically “fired” instead and because my boss was in his feelings, not only did I just have paid time off but I would get another check for that same vacation time that hadn’t processed yet. All I do is win. 

At least that’s the abridged awesome version, actually it took months of interviews and searching while working but it was hard to do both.  I needed that time off to really get focused on what I wanted.  One foot out and one foot in wasn’t quite cutting it.  It’s a recurring theme in dating, while “single” there’s always still that back up, that ex you’re not quite over, the one person you like more than the others but not enough to be in a relationship with, they’re the job you don’t want anymore but take up all the time and energy as though you still do.  A job is still understandable, quitting a job without a plan is just irresponsible, but as far as dating why keep that person around you know you already peaked with?

I keep meeting people with their parachutes in tow. One in particular was open and honest about it from jump street which I can respect but not sure if I understand.  More times than not, people are in such situations because they’re either not as single as they portray, or just really reluctant to let go of a sure thing.  But eventually it comes to the choice, what you already know or the clean slate?  Do you call out of work to make that Wednesday morning interview? The clean slate seems like the obvious choice but it never seems to work that way.  Perhaps they aren’t looking for a fresh start just validation of a relationship in addition to the validation of being desired. 

Whenever I’ve been faced with the old flame or the new start, I’ve always gone new.  If the old was as real as it seemed I wouldn’t be considering someone new in the first place.  But that’s just me I guess.  When I got that job offer I couldn’t have accepted quick enough (but didn’t it backfire, look I don’t need that now) not so much because of the position itself but I was just that fatigued from the same old same old.  I didn’t want leverage, I didn’t want flattery, I wanted something fresh.  Others rather take the ego boost and go right back to the same situation and hope it will change.  Power to her I guess.


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