Today’s Word is… SPORTS

I’m weird.  I have a blog in 2013, I read ehow and Wikipedia for no reason, I hate hot sauce and cream cheese yet eat Buffalo wings and cheesecake, I hate when my tie doesn’t match my dress socks, Oh yeah and I still have a fuggin cat.  One of the things that has always made me not *as* weird is my 4th love; sports, the others ahead obviously being women, music, and writing.  My love for sports started where most young boys love for sports begins, my father.

Father’s Day 1993, also my 5th birthday.  I don’t remember much about the day, I mean it was 20 years ago but what I do remember is it was Game 6 of the NBA finals, Bulls vs the Suns.  My father and my brother was ready to watch the game, I was 5 so I thought I was grown I wanted to watch too.  My father called my bluff figured I would be knocked by the 2nd quarter but I watched every last second.  The Bulls would win that game and their 3rd consecutive championship, and I just remember the coronation of Michael Jordan.  He was the GOAT, I found the celebration as entertaining as the game, the passion, the joy, I wanted to be part of that one day.  I became a Bulls fan, I became a basketball fan, I wanted to play basketball.

I don’t remember what I had got for my birthday initially but I know it magically turned into a basketball hoop that next day.  It got old quick, and then Jordan retired but the love of the sports remained.  I never was the most athletic (although I was a pretty good baseball player back in the day) but as participant or spectator, from the age of 5 it was something that I just gravitate towards, just as most people do. But why do we throw billions into an industry that’s primarily centered on people playing a game?

For me it began with the camaraderie. I wanted to be “one of the guys” watching the game. That can also be applied to fanhood in general. It’s the unspoken fraternity (well not fraternity since ladies is fans too gon brush ya shoulders off) of people who invest as much time and energy rooting for the same team. The energy from being at the stadium, the local bar, even now just logging on twitter.

Then of course there’s the entertainment value. My favorite players who aren’t necessarily on my team are the ones who just flat out entertain me. There’s certain events that I just can’t miss, I remember LeBron’s first game, Stephen Strasburg’s debut, Shaq vs Kobe, Ohio St vs Michigan, sports are a spectacle. Even the most casual fan can’t not watch the Superbowl. The drama of a game 7, watching a record being broken, an inspiring back story, there’s always something to be watching for.

There’s so many more reasons but I’ll wrap this up by saying the experience. The underlying element you’re about to witness, feel and experience something you never have before or will again. Whether It’s a gracious victory or an agonizing defeat, when It’s over, It’s over. The greatest writers and analysts in the world still can’t quite recreate it. It can’t be undone (no matter how many times the NCAA white outs the history books and says something didn’t happen) can’t be done over. So as I sit and watch the Bruins or whatever NBA game is on tonight I know that win, lose or draw this will never happen again so I minds well enjoy it now. That’s sports.


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