Today’s Word is… SENSELESS

It was about 5 years ago, (wow really, I’m old.).  It’s spring break, I was way too broke to do anything but pretty much go back around my way.  We getting ready to go play ball at the local gym, dudes pull up.  Now I’ve barely been around the way in the past year, I’m not sure who these people are or what’s about to go down.  But my friends are ready to ride, so I am.  Bang first, ask questions after.  Foolish to actually type out now but then it was all I knew.  A brawl breaks out, I’m fighting and suddenly I feel myself getting slower, my punches weakening with every swing, they hear sirens, everyone starts to make their retreat, I’m trying to run, in my mind I’m going but my body isn’t.  I touch my side, I see the crimson drip off my fingers.  I try to run to help I collapse.

Fading out of consciousness, thoughts pass my mind.  First, the humanity of people, two older women walking their dog, saw me and swiftly crossed the street and acted as though they didn’t.  The next, was this going to be the end of my story, promising college scholar victim of street violence.  I thought immediately of my father and my older sister, both of which I wasn’t speaking to. Would I ever again?  The last, I couldn’t go out like this, not over something so senseless, not by some coward with a pocket knife.  I hear screaming in the distance, my friend had circled back for me. 

Fast forward to yesterday, that friend is now gone.  Taken by the same senseless violence that nearly took me.  He saved my life that night, and now I can never repay that debt.  As I write this I’m almost at a loss for words. Angry at whoever did it, without going into too much detail, any others let him get into that situation, angry at myself for not being a better friend when I had the chance to.  I’m miserable, that I once again have to say goodbye to a childhood friend, miserable his baby girl will only know of him, miserable about what’s going on in society period.  We’re taking ourselves out.  I’ll never shy away from where I came from; I love my hood for everything it is, hate it for everything it isnt.  But I don’t know right now, I’m just venting.  To my friend, my brother, I’ll miss you.  I’m praying your family, I’m praying mines.



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3 responses to “Today’s Word is… SENSELESS

  1. I feel sad that your friend died.

  2. Black ' n Write Reviewer

    I’m sorry for your loss. Society is cruel and the people who created it are a terrible influence for the innocent to easily embark on destruction. Dysfunction always seems to find its way into a persons life, regardless of how much they try to fight in avoiding it. Pray whom ever did it to your friend gets his, but not only that, pray that one day society changes and that we eventually become a safe haven for one and all.

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