Today’s Word is… BEAUTIFUL

A lil while back I spoke on what’s sexy.  I said sexy is moreorless ignited by desire.  That it’s relative, what may not be my cup of tea is surely someone else’s.  The same can go for beauty, the media can use metrics like facial symmetry, hip/waist ratios, culture standards but again it’s relative, what I find beautiful may differ.  To me, beautiful is ignited by admiration, beauty is to be enjoyed.  The difference between sexy and beautiful is simple, when I see you is it I want her, or just wow.   Whether it’s a sunset, Charlize Theoron, or a mother singing to her child, true beauty catches you by surprise. When I call a woman beautiful I’m not just kicking game (okay maybe a lil) and  collecting brownie points, it’s because I genuinely feel so.   However, I said I need to cut down on my usage, while I may find them so, they are not quite it. 

Aesthetically speaking I find simplicity beautiful.  While as an artist I can appreciatewell done makeup, natural beauty is what gets me. I’ll take the casually laughing girl over the dark shades duckfacing one.  I find eyes beautiful, smiles, dimples.  They just are what they are, simple. Where she’s free to not be as simple is her clothes. I love a woman who is well put together, a sense of style is beautiful. Not just throwing on a bunch of ironic vintage clothes she found that the thrift shop in an attempt to be unique, not just skimpy clothes (sexy maybe, beautiful no).  Its always a plus for a woman who knows how to dress to complement her features. Men aren’t exactly fashion experts but we notice if red is your color, that dress looks perfect for your frame and if you overdid that eyeshadow.

As for intrinsically, there’s beauty in humility. Confidence is good but still allow me to remind you of your beauty as well. Wholesomeness, compassion, loyalty, are beautiful.  Perhaps it’s traits one wish they possess themselves or just appreciation for the person as they are. Someone who is caring to anyone, anywhere, for no reason other than they want to.  But perhaps the most beautiful thing of all is love. 

Love is the epitome of beauty.  One who looks at me and sees things I don’t even see in myself, who feels comfortable enough to see me not all dolled up, one who is everything I desire physically and emotionally in a woman.  The most beautiful woman to me isn’t on the cover of People (maybe one day if I bag a celebrity) but to any man the most beautiful woman is the one he’s in love with.  There isn’t a Beyonce, Mila Kunis, Jill Scott or Rosa Acosta that can compare.  Her best look is the one she gives me.  The look I give her.  Wait does this mean….I’m in…D’oh



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